Rick from North Carolina

November 11, 2010
I've been looking around for new boots for almost 2 years. I've tried on everything I could ever get my hands on in different bike dealers, and apparel shops. I never found anything that made me jump on a pair. I didn't want a super ventilated boot, but not Gortex lined either. Something more versatile. Which is one of the things that drew my to the Water Resistant Synergy boots. Plus they were on clearance. In the picture, the boot on the right is of the pair I've been wearing for over 8 years. So that is what I'm used to, a 'biker boot' if you will. So picking up the TCX Synergy was a big step for me, being the first purpose built motorcycle boot I've owned. And I love them. The sizing information was spot on, I'm a US 9.5 and I ordered EU 43 and they fit great. Comfortable out of the box and the quality of the boot is outstanding compared to all the other boots I've tried on. Materials are great, the zippers are very nice. I took them out and have about 200 miles on them and I can't wait for more. It's so great to not have a heel on my boots so I can shift my feet position around more if needed. I thought I would have less 'feel' on my shift/brake levers, but not so. I am wearing the boots with a pair of Tourmaster Flex Pants, and they fit underneath perfectly with no bulging. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend TCX boots to anyone, especially if you can order from the great folks at NewEnough! Thanks again!
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