K (aka latindane) from California

November 13, 2009
Big order; here we go: Joe Rocket Nation Tank Bag ~ 759-0400; Black/Yellow, One Size Fits Most (YL) (Pictured) - Awesome little tankbag. I don't need anything more. You might want one of those with a map window, but this is great for everyday use (wallet, sunglasses, ipod, small tech towel...). And the price! It cost less than lunch at your favorite motorcycle joint! Tour Master Silk Glove Liner ~ 83-331; Size Medium (3M) - Great. True to size, I pretty much use these every time... know how sticky gloves get on a warm day or after a long ride? Fear not! TIP: put them on in this order: one liner, corresponding glove, second liner, corresponding glove. Otherwise you'll kill the silk with the velcro. Zanheadgear Flydanna ~ 500147; Tribal Yellow (TY) - Does what it's supposed to; hopefully keeps my helmet liner cleaner. Less than $5? Give me three of them! Tour Master Polar Fleece Glove Liner ~ 83-320; Size Small/Medium (2S) - Awful design. The Small/Medium is too small for a medium hand, and between the thumb and index finger you have a duck-like web that makes any glove feel uncomfortable over it. Awful. Get something else (go for the silk liners above!) Cortech Sport Tail Bag ~ 82-417; Black, One Size Fits Most (BK) - Good stuff. Birdz Raven Padded Eyewear ~ Raven-Yellow; Black Frame, Yellow Lens (BKYL) - They might fog up more than others because of the padding, but great for night riding. Just leave some space between you and the padding. HJC Cool Max Balaclava ~ 08-935; Black, Universal Size - Another AWFUL design. The face opening is so narrow that any but the smallest faces will feel the thing closing up on the outside of their eyes, getting in the way of peripheral vision and being just plain uncomfortable. Given the price, it's not worth returning.

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