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Vanson Mark 2 Lightning Leather Jacket

Moved to the Bargain Basement because… we are down to mostly just very small and very large sizes, so we’ve reduced the price on these to move them out.

  • Competition weight drum-dyed top grade cowhide (an average of 1.5 mm thick)
  • Zippered air curtains in the torso and zippered sleeve vents
  • Adjustable waist feature
  • Double thick leather at the elbows, forearms, shoulders and waistband
  • Rear zipper vents
  • Two inside pockets
  • Pre-snapped to receive Streamliner thermal vest
  • Vanson body armor compatible
  • Zippers for attachment to Sport Rider pants and also Technical Pants
  • Snap back mandarin collar
  • Athletic mesh lining
  • Pre-curved sleeves

Note about Availability and Warranty

Stock: We will no longer be stocking/selling Vanson products and we are liquidating our existing inventory. Please use the drop down menu below to view current availability.

Warranty: Vanson handles all warranty issues directly with the consumer. This will be strictly the case since we are no longer an active dealer. All remaining products are first quality with warranty.

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

Vanson jackets are sized generously through the torso and will accommodate a chest consistent with the stated chest size of the jacket (measure your chest with a tape to get an accurate indication). Vanson’s fit the average height person best, and the overall cut will accommodate a sturdy or muscular build well (not so well for the tall and thin types though). The adjustable waist feature will accommodate a wide variety of waist/belly sizes for a given chest size which makes a good fit pretty easy. If you have a bit of a belly, you’ll want to check your belly with the tape too. Make sure the belly is no bigger than 4” less than the jacket size you’ve selected. For example, a size 48 jacket would handle a max belly size of about 44”. The adjustable waist will snug down to about 10 to 12 inches (for the more trim people out there). Try Vanson’s Sizing Chart for a second opinion on fit. Vanson’s chart is developed for a snug fit, which they recommend.

Our Two Cents

Vanson recently offered us a special group of inventory at a very attractive price, so we took all the inventory they had. Take advantage of the savings while this inventory lasts. The Mark 2 Lightning jacket is a two-tone version of Vanson’s most popular style…the Mark 2 Cobra. The Mark 2 Lightning is made of the thick, high quality American cowhide that Vanson is famous for. Their leather will provide the best abrasion protection available. And it looks great too. Other features common to all Mark 2 designs: zippered sleeve vents, a three part pant attachment system and an improved cut in the shoulder and collar area. The zippered sleeve vents, along with the perforated front torso can provide a great deal of cooling on hot days. The sleeve vents are made with perforated leather under the sleeve zipper and the air channel extends all the way up to the arm pit, so it really works well. The perforated torso with the adjustable air curtains on the inside works well for climate control for the rest of the jacket. This complete design is as close as it comes to an “all-season” jacket. The Mark 2 line now has three connection zippers for pants, one in the rear that is compatible with current design pants, and two more in front situated on either side of the front main zipper. These are compatible with Vanson’s new Technical Sport Pants and Traveler Pants. With this feature, we (and you), don’t have to worry about what size jackets will mate up with each pant size—they’ll all work.

Note on the Solar leather finish: The Solar leather is a neat thing, but when you look at the leather closely you’ll see slight imperfections. It’s not a big deal, but the finish is not “perfect” like most other Vanson leather finishes. So if you can be tolerant of this characteristic then go solar!

Options: This Vanson jacket is “armor ready” which means it has an access zipper to install Vanson armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. This jacket will also accept Vanson’s Streamliner Vest which can be used to extend the jacket’s comfortable temperature range. The vest acts as a wind barrier and provides insulation for colder weather.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Mitchell C.
Location: North-Central Florida

I bought this full-leather, partially perforated jacket as my only jacket in the height of summer, but I couldn't be happier with it. At a stop, it can become a bit warm, but once back up to speed, the vents and perforation quickly lower the tem... (Read more...)

From: Nycholas T.
Location: Australia

Hello from Australia! I remember when I used to order from NewEnough in the dark ages. I had to go to my post office and purchase an international money order, then wait for it to get sent across the ocean! (Read more...)