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Sidi Vertigo Air Boots

The Vertigo Air boot has all the great features of the Sidi Vertigo boot but adds a fully perforated Lorica outer shell.

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Sizing Information

These boots have the same basic overall fit as the Sidi Vertebra/Strada products, so if you’ve had fit experience with those, you’ll be fine with the Vertigo boots of the same size. The calf adjustment capability on these boots is very effective and has a WIDE adjustment range, so if you have big calves, this is your boot! Visit our Sidi Sizing Information page for complete size conversion info (ladies can use the chart at the bottom of the page). We feel the chart works well to choose a size based upon a US shoe size. We estimate the width of these boots to be “medium” or “D” width.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above to see a close-up shot of this boot. Most of the outer shell is constructed with perforated Lorica material which allows air to flow freely through the boot. As you can imagine, this would be the boot of choice for very warm weather. For a good description of the racing features of this boot, have a look at the Vertigo boot information. The standard Vertigo boot offers a vent, but even the best vent design won’t allow the kind of air flow you’ll get with this fully perforated design.

Note about boot color details: Sidi has slightly changed the coloring on some of the small trim pieces of this boot (see alternate picture in the photo gallery). This has been done as a “running change” so the inventory at our warehouse and elsewhere is mixed, so you might get either version. The changes are very minor, but we thought we’d point this out for sake of full disclosure.

Expanded Warranty Available: Motonation is the exclusive US importer for Sidi boots. They offer an optional warranty for certain models that expands the warranty coverage to include such things as crash damage, damage from ripping or tearing due to catching on something, even pet damage after your dog chews them up! You can read about this option here. You must purchase the warranty within 5 days of receiving your purchase (but don’t buy the warranty until you receive your boots and you are sure they are keepers!). Disclaimer: The warranty is not a product offered by New Enough and we have nothing to do with the sale or administration of the warranty.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Daniel C.
Location: California

Great boots, they provide all the protection I need and breath amazingly well, even better then my tennis shoes.

From: Ted
Location: California

These boots are well constructed and comfortable and really do provide breath-ability and ventilation as advertised. Granted, you're not going to feel wind blowing over every inch of you foot, shin and ankle but the perforation and side vents do m... (Read more...)