Cortech Latigo 2.0 One Piece Suit ::

Cortech Latigo 2.0 One Piece Suit (SOLD OUT)

  • Constructed with a combination of perforated and non-perforated top grain drum dyed leather (1.2-1.4 mm)
  • Aerodynamic speed hump with perforated leather ventilation
  • CE-Approved shoulder, elbow and knee protectors
  • Triple and double-stitched with high strength, bonded nylon thread
  • Accordion-style expansion panels at shoulders, elbows, waist and knees for increased flexibility and a performance fit
  • Stretch nylon panels in the torso, arms, inseam and calves for ease of movement
  • Rotated sleeves and pre-curved legs for comfort and performance in the riding position
  • Cuffs feature a spring-loaded zipper pull to eliminate flapping
  • EVA foam-padded collarbone protection panels
  • Mesh lining throughout enhances air circulation and comfort
  • Convenient inner chest pocket
  • Cortech knee sliders and storage bag included

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Sizing Information

Below is sizing information as supplied by Cortech for these suits. We feel the chart accurately reflects the suit’s fit. So, you can pick a suit size based upon your chest measurement. Check to make sure that your belly size is not too large for the suit—otherwise you’ll have to go with a larger suit to make it work for both the chest and the belly. Generally the belly can be no more than 6” less than the chest for a comfortable fit.

Height on these suits could be described as “average”. For the smaller suits, max height would be about 5’8”, for mid-size suits about 5’11”, and for the larger suits about 6’2”. If you are taller, then you will want to consider a 2pc suit or a jacket/sport pant combination which will give you more torso height.

Suit Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 40 34
Medium 42 36
Large 44 38
XL 46 40
XXL 48 42

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Latigo 2.0 one piece suit is a “new and slightly improved” version of the previous Latigo RR suit (now discontinued). Cortech is aiming for the beginning racer or the aggressive street rider. And the price point is very good for the mix of features and quality in my opinion.

Here are the key features I see that nearly anybody wanting a road race suit should look for: C.E. approved armor in the knees, elbows, and shoulders. And there is also a removable back pad. Cortech makes a “stand alone” back pad you can use for a higher degree of crash worthiness (see below), and if you used a thicker back pad like that, you’d remove the stock one.

Plenty of perforated leather! Leather suits are hot and you’ll want some venting unless you ride only in cooler weather. This suit has micro perfs all up and down the front torso. And the suit has fabric inserts (the black material) in the underarms and crotch areas and also behind the knees. Some air will flow through those materials too. But their main purpose is to add mobility and a side benefit is to cut the overall weight of the suit.

Being a “value priced” suit, it is nice to see it comes with a pair of pucks too, so that is not something else you have to buy to get going. Of course you can replace them. I’m told the size of the Velcro for sliders on the suit are larger with this new design so they should be able to handle any aftermarket type. There are also Cortech replacement sliders (see below).

Zippered closures for the wrists and ankles are now self locking and feel very secure. There are also expansion zippers at the end of the legs which could have a dual purpose. This zipper would accommodate those with larger calves or, when open, could allow you to wear the pant legs over form-fit type boots (like drag racers prefer). The leg opening is about 13” around with the zipper open (on the size XXL suit on my desk).

An aerodynamic speed hump is included. The speed hump is designed to help prevent neck injuries in case of a fall on your back. It provides a bridge between the back of your helmet and your back to help prevent your neck from being wrenched forward in case you land flat on your back.

Like the previous version of this suit, this one is a good value… it is certainly of higher quality than the MANY junky suits I see sold on eBay and the like, and will make a great choice for those getting started with higher risk riding. And it’s nice that Cortech now has the accessories available to go with a race suit too (see below). :: Paul 09-01-15

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