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Cortech Adrenaline One Piece Suit

  • Constructed using 1.2 – 1.4mm top grade drum dyed cowhide leather with a combination of perforated and non-perforated leather
  • Aerodynamic race profile speed hump with perforated top leather panel combines with a hollowed out speed hump for increased ventilation
  • Removable, level 2 CE-approved shoulder and level 1 elbow and knee protectors can be adjusted using Velcro┬«
  • Accordion-style expansion panels at shoulders, elbows, waist and knees for increased flexibility and a performance fit
  • Large seamless panels in the bottom and rear thigh area to maximize abrasion resistance
  • New accordion-style expansion panel along the upper-side of the suit offers increased flexibility and offers an extended range of comfort for different back protector sizes
  • New accordion-style expansion panel on the backside of the calf offers a better fit and more flexibility
  • Heavy duty, stretch Kevlar┬« panels in the arms, inseam and calves for ease of movement
  • New TPU molded stainless steel external armor in the shoulders and elbows offers increased protection
  • Rotated sleeves and pre-curved legs for a performance fit in the riding position
  • New comfort cuff features a neoprene stretch panel that can accommodate different wrist sizes and is soft to the touch
  • Mesh lining throughout the suit is removable and washable
  • Triple-stitched with high strength, bonded nylon thread
  • Soft Neoprene collar for added comfort
  • Zippered chest liner pocket
  • Cuffs feature a spring loaded zipper to eliminate flapping
  • New and improved Cortech knee sliders are included

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Sizing Information

We checked out the sizing on these suits and the sizing compares to what you would expect for normal American “alpha” sizing. We’ve put together a chart for you to give you the basic “max chest” and “max belly” that we measured and also a rough estimate of height. You can check your chest and belly measurements and make sure you are picking the smallest suit size that will accommodate BOTH. For a person with an “average” build, the size you pick will likely be the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

One piece suits not only need to fit in the chest and belly/waist (like a jacket and a pair of pants would), but they also need to fit your body for height. There isn’t any adjustability for this in a one piece suit and they don’t come in “talls” or “shorts” so if you fall in the height range, you should be fine. Even if you are a bit outside the “ideal” height range, you may find the fit to be “close enough”, but for those that are tall and skinny or short and wide, and pretty far outside these ranges, getting a good fit in an off-the-rack one piece suit like this will be trouble. If you find yourself with this problem, consider buying a separate jacket and pants with an all-around zipper to make a nice two piece suit. You’ll find too that many pants come in tall and short inseam variations and some jackets are offered in regular and tall sizes. These size options will help greatly to match the overall proportions of the two piece suit to your body..

Suit Size Max Chest Max Belly Ideal Height Range
Small 40 34 5’9” – 5’10”
Med 42 36 5’10” – 5’11”
Large 44 38 5’11” – 6’ 0”
XL 46 40 6’0” – 6’1”
XXL 48 42 6’1” – 6’3”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The Adrenaline One Piece suit is new in the fall of 2012 and is a step above previous race suits from Cortech. They’ve added in more premium features than before and come up with a fresh overall style. Here are the things I see you can consider as premium features: First, the overall thickness and weight of the suit is impressive. I could tell from just lifting the suit that it is more suit than most. I’d say about half the leather used in the top is perforated, which is all-important in warmer weather to allow a good flow of air to keep you cool and comfortable. You can see these perforated panels in the close-up pictures. There is very liberal use of stretch panels behind the arms, down the sides of the torso, above the waist in the rear and above the knees. These stretch panels are very important to allow you to go from a standing position to a tuck position freely without a lot of extra material in the suit. With the stretch panels, you can enjoy a good snug fit and still move around well. These stretch panels are one thing you won’t see in cheap suits. The armor used in this suit is also “extra beefy” in the elbows and knees (shoulders are more common GP type). The armor in the knees and elbows is affixed to the leather shell directly and is thick and long, which will give you lots of coverage in those areas and disperse impacts well. There is also a vented speed hump in back. The position and shape of the speed hump serves to form a bridge between your helmet and shoulders/back when you fall. With the hump you are less likely to have your helmet wrench forward. The hump also has positive aerodynamic benefits at very high speed. These look neat, they improve the looks of the suit and of course “can’t hurt” for protection, but in my view are largely cosmetic. Another premium feature you’ll enjoy is the removable mesh liner in the suit. If you use the suit in warm weather and sweat, there will be a day when your suit starts to get a bit funky, and with the removable liner feature, you can easily remove the liner and wash it. The overall fit of this suit is a bit more “relaxed” than some other more radically race-cut suits. I’d imagine the people at Cortech had the amateur weekend track day person in mind when they designed this suit. The more relaxed cut will make the suit more tolerable to wear, especially when not in the race-tuck position. Sometimes having the most aggressive fit can become un-fun when the reality of actual all-day use sinks in. Overall, this is a lot of suit for the money with a lot of nice features that will help make your track days more fun. We’ve taken close-up shots of some of the features which you can check out by taking the View Larger Images link above. :: Paul, 12-11-12