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HJC Cheek Pads for F70 Helmets

Replacement cheek pads for HJC F70 helmets

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Sizing Information

Use this table to determine what cheek pad size you currently have:

Helmet Size Cheek Pad Size
XS 45mm
Small 40mm
Medium 35mm
Large 40mm
XL 35mm
XXL 20mm
  • The F70 cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes.

You can buy the same thickness of cheek pad if you like the fit of your helmet and just need a replacement set. Or you can buy a different thickness cheek pad to adjust fit.

Changing cheek pads to change the helmet fit: To get MORE room in your helmet, you need to buy a SMALLER cheek pad. To get a TIGHTER fit, you need to buy a LARGER cheek pad. Example: If you have a size Large F70 helmet, you have cheek pads that measure 40mm. If the helmet is too tight on you, a 35mm pad would give you more room.