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HJC HJ-07 Base Plate Kit

  • Works with: AC-11, CL-14 and CL-Max Helmet
  • Includes two base plates (one for each side) and two screws
  • Buy replacement base plates when your old base plates don’t give good ratcheting action for your shield or if your old base plates get broken

Need help picking the right shield/base plate/sun visor?

Here is a link to HJC’s website where you’ll find information on installing and removing shields, base plates, cheek pads, chin curtains, etc, as well as helmet care and cleaning.

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Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Randy D.
Location: California

Over the last several years I have bought quite a bit of stuff from them. Their prices are good, service is great and I love how there website is set up showing their products. Much better than some of the other sites out there. (Read more...)

From: Richard A.
Location: North Carolina

So I picked up new base plates to replace the ones on an HJC CL-15 helmet I've had for a very long time. Its my extra helmet for when a visitor is over and wants to go for a ride, etc. Installing the new ones and popping off the old ones was about... (Read more...)