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HJC Chin Curtain For IS-17 and C70 Helmets

Use: Chin Curtain deflects unwanted wind from hitting your chin and other parts of your face, installs snugly at the bottom of the HJC IS-17, and the C70 full-face helmets

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Our Two Cents

Note in Installation: You install this chin curtain by shoving the plastic piece in between the outer shell and the inner lining. It is not an “elegant” installation, but it works. Fortunately it is not something you’d be doing often, so it isn’t a big deal. If it was something you did every day, you’d hate it!

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: David N.
Location: Tennessee

The chin curtain I got in this order is fairly plain-Jane, but it works as it should. What's really amazing in the Pinlock shield insert. It's the first one I've had, and I'm here to tell you it's amazing. It works so well that I can't MAKE it ... (Read more...)