FirstGear 37.5 Convertible Hood ::

FirstGear 37.5 Convertible Hood (SOLD OUT)

  • Utilizes moisture-transfer fabric technology
  • Designed to morph into several styles, including a neck gaiter

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

This unit is less substantial than the short/long balaclavas and/or the face mask versions. It slips on and off easily over my XL/XXL head so it should work for most everybody.

Our Two Cents

For 2016, FirstGear has re-worked its entire line of Basegear underwear. The new line is all called 37.5 Basegear. What the heck is that you ask? The Basegear line is designed to make you more comfortable when riding by controlling the “micro climate” that exists under your clothing next to the skin. The material wicks moisture and controls humidity, and FirstGear says that humans are most comfortable with a relative humidity close to the skin of 37.5%. So there you go…. the origin of the name. Read more at

Functionally this convertible hood is similar to the short balaclava except the skull cap is attached only in the very back so you can peel off the hood and tuck it inside a little pocket on the back of the neck gaiter when not in use. So then you could use the neck gaiter as just a gaiter (down) or pull it up over your nose to get the masking effect. This one offers lots of options. It is less expensive than the short and long balaclavas, but if you look close, you’ll see that it does not have the neoprene-like wind block panels and the face mask area is just the thin waffle-type fabric. I’d say this Convertible Hood would be for those in not-so-very-cold conditions. :: Paul, 11-04-15