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Icon Patrol 2 Boots

  • TECTUFF® Coated Leather Upper
  • Waterproofing Level 3
  • D30® Ankle Inserts
  • Plastic Heel Reinforcement
  • BOA® Lacing System for Easy On/Easy Off
  • Shifter Interface
  • CE Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13634:2015

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Sizing Information

We tried these boots on and found them to run a little small. They fit similar to Nike (which generally run about 1/2 size smaller than standard street shoes).

I’d advise you to buy one or one half size larger than you buy in street shoes. If you know your size in sneakers like Nike that run a bit smaller than a standard street shoe, then buy the same size.

Our Two Cents

The Patrol 2 from Icon is something that looks and feels new. From the materials used in the upper to the lacing system, it is very modern looking, light weight and made with high tech materials. I’d characterize the protection features as good and surprising in such a light weight package. This boot is very similar to its little brother, the Superduty 5 boot, but is a bit taller and has the Boa lacing system rather than laces.

The upper of Patrol 2 is made of a new leather. It is coated with “something” which gives it a slick and very firm finish. And the finish looks like graphite to me. If I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed the material to be some variant of synthetic leather which you find on many European boots, but Icon says it is leather.

The sole is light and fairly stiff and feels like there is some reinforcement in the shank area, so in that respect it is a notch more robust than the average sneaker. Icon lists D3O in the ankle area for protection, and I can feel it in between the boot’s upper and the lining. The armor material is spread over several square inches and is very pliable. Use of the D3O material is new and different than the disc-type armor inserts we normally see and I like it. The heel area and toe areas are reinforced…. the heel area has a molded plastic piece on the exterior and is quite robust. The toe area is nothing too hefty but better than your average sneaker.

This boot uses the Boa lacing system rather than laces. There are no loose ends and the wire system snugs the boot uniformly up and down your foot with the simple twist of the adjuster knob. Very slick. And having no loose laces is always welcome when operating a bike. We’ve seen this system before and it works well. Sidi, Klim and REVIT have all embraced this style of closure on some of their styles.

These boots include a waterproof barrier so they’ll keep water out. The tongue of the boot is attached to the sides almost all the way to the top which really helps on a shorter boot like this. You’ll just want to be sure and wear pants that come down well over the foot so you don’t have water entering over the top of the boots.

I see this boot as being something that sport and street riders who want a versatile boot that works well on the bike or on the street. the Boa closure system is definitely a plus, and a good conversation piece too! And the waterproof capabilities is also a plus. :: Paul, 11-09-17