Cortech Vice WP Riding Shoes ::

Cortech Vice WP Riding Shoes (7 Only)

  • Constructed with a durable combination of water-resistant leather and heavy duty canvas
  • HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Italian TecnoGI Thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap
  • Reflective Cortech logo and heel trim for nighttime visibility
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with reinforced shank for support
  • Black rust-free lace eyelets
  • Molded nylon ankle guards
  • 100% soft polyester lining

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in a men’s shoe. The width is considered “D” or “normal”. I found the boots to fit fine in my normal size.

Our Two Cents

Wow, I’m likin’ these nifty riding sneakers. The Vice WP riding shoes are a bit more shoe/boot than I’ve seen from other manufacturers of similar styles. I often caution buyers about buying “moto shoes” that really are not much more than sneakers, but I don’t have the same reservations about these. These shoes have stiffeners in the toe and heel areas that you’d expect to find in street boots and they also have protectors hidden behind the canvas on either side of the ankle bone. The lace system is sturdy and secure (provided you lace and tie them) so they’ll stay on your feet if you fall. I wish they had some sort of “keeper” for the laces though… oh well, that is my only gripe I guess. I really like the black canvas/leather with white stitching and white soles. They remind me of vintage basketball shoes. The shoes have some rear reflectives as well for night visibility. The shoes are built with a waterproof liner too. I want you to take the “View Larger Images” link above and you can see where the sides of the tongue are sewn to the upper and above that mark of course water can enter. That means the shoes are only water resistant up to the top of the foot, so just keep in mind that water is probably going to come in these shoes in a heavy rain, but for light duty waterproofing the design will do you some good. And gosh, for the money, there is a lot of nifty sneaker-riding-boot here! :: Paul, 08-08-13

Update: We’ve seen many brand new pair of these boots that have what appears to be cat hair stuck to the bottoms of the soles. It makes it appear the boots are used, but I assure you, they are coming right out of the factory box this way. It won’t make any difference to the function of the boots, but please don’t be put off when you see this. Yuk! (but only for a moment). :: Paul, 06-20-15