Cortech Accelerator XC Boots ::

Cortech Accelerator XC Boots (SOLD OUT)

  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper with a Nubuck PU inner calf panel
  • HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Phosolite reflective panel in heel
  • Oil-resistant, anti-slip rubber sole
  • TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup and toe cap
  • Thermoplastic midsole with steel shank for increased durability and protection
  • Shock absorbing latex foam in flex panels
  • Molded nylon shin and ankle guards backed with shock absorbing material
  • Calf expansion panel
  • Replaceable rust-free zinc alloy buckles
  • Triple density, anti-bacterial and vibration absorbing insole

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in a men’s shoe. The width is considered “D” or “normal”. I found the boots to fit fine in my normal size.

Our Two Cents

Is it possible for a manufacturer to make a good quality adventure boot like this for around a hundred fifity bucks? Well, yes and no.

Yes, these boots fit well and look pretty good. The leather portions of the boot used surprisingly good looking material. The sole and foot bed looks good too. The only upper materials that look a bit cheap is the quilted black material under the buckles, and the inside liner is a bit sloppily installed. But really, overall, they look pretty darn good.

A boot like this needs some stiffness in the shaft area and this one has it. The part that would be close to your bike is a bit more textured than the slick black leather elsewhere which gives you a bit of grip against the bike parts and I can feel internal stiffeners on either side of the ankle that extend part way up the shaft. And even when I walk around in a new/stiff pair of boots, they seem to flex in spots that aren’t uncomfortable.

But here comes the “no” part… we found a couple shortcomings with the buckle arrangement. The buckle mechanisms work just fine when buckled and you can adjust the tightness by sliding the male buckle strip in or out of its keeper (attached to the boot). But the problem is that when you take the boots off, the strap is easily moved from where you set it when you put them on, and so you have to fine-tune the fit each time you put on the boots. The lower two straps keep their position pretty well, but the top strap will surely need some adjustment each time to wear the boots. Dare I suggest a bit of duct tape on the back side of the shin plate? Lame, I know, but it would probably work fine to hold that strap where you need it.

Also, I found a problem with how the gaiter (the flap of material that has the waterproof liner inside and completes the waterproofing of the boot across the upper behind the buckles). That gaiter is not attached correctly to the upper just over the arch and so any water that gets behind those buckles is going to deposit itself under the leather on the forefoot area, but on top of the waterproof liner. Will it leak to the inside? Probably. If you have long pants over the boots and don’t plan on using them extensively in rain, then they’ll probably be fine, but if you are hard core and EXPECT them to stay dry, then I don’t think you will be fully pleased with your sub-$200 boot purchase.

So… overall a pretty good boot for a tremendous price, but the universal laws of “you get what you pay for” are not repealed yet. :: Paul, 07-15-15

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