Bates Taser Boots ::

Bates Taser Boots

  • High Performance Leather
  • Waterproof Membrane to Keep Your Feet Dry
  • Poron XRD® Side Impact Foam for Ankle Protection
  • Molded Heel Protection
  • Hidden Ghillie Lacing System for One Pull Lacing
  • Internal midsole
  • Oil and Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole for Traction

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Sizing Information

Bates boots are sized in men’s US street shoe sizes. We tried on a selection and we feel they run true to size. If anything, they run on the smallish side, so if you are between sizes, choose the larger. We think the width is “medium”, or C to D.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Bates Taser boots look to be part boot, part sneaker. The sole is flat like a sneaker, but the sole is surprisingly thick. If you like a sneaker style and like the idea of “getting a lift” then you’ll like the approx 1 1/2” thickness of the sole in the heel area (see our close-up pictures and do the math).

The upper material is said to be leather, so I’ll take their word on that, but it kind of looks like a short nap suede with a stamp on it to me. I like the looks of this material on the sides with the leather trim. And the hidden speed laces are sharp too. Those laces are tucked away (but the tie-off at the top is exposed). They pull tight quickly too.

The boots have a built in waterproof liner and the gaiter under the tongue comes up about 2/3 of the height, so they should do a pretty good job of keeping your feet dry.

As for motorcycle-specific features, the boots have a padding on either side of the ankle bone (which you can see in the pictures), the heel is reinforced and the sole is quite stiff. I’d characterize these boots as having above average protection for a sneaker boot like this.

Overall, I like these boots… the styling is fresh and has a bit of a military bent. Definitely not just a “me too” product. :: Paul, 04-13-16

About Bates boots: Bates footwear is a company that has been around since the 1800s making all sorts of shoes and boots. In recent decades, their focus is boots and shoes for military and police. You can see the styles on their website. So there is a LOT of heritage in the making of these boots.

I’ve heard the brand “Bates” for MANY years in connection to custom leathers and boots and I’ve found out that Bates footwear (sold here) has no connection to Bates Leathers.