TCX Roadster 2 Air Boots ::

TCX Roadster 2 Air Boots

  • Perforated micro fiber upper combined with front and rear padded textile area
  • Air Tech breathable lining
  • PU heel guard
  • PU shifter pad integrated in the sole
  • Malleolus micro-injected reinforcements with air intakes
  • Zipper with VELCRO® brand fastener band
  • Adjustable instep with VELCRO® brand fastener band
  • Replaceable PU toe slider
  • Comfort Fit System
  • Anatomical, extra light and breathable footbed
  • Mono compound rubber sole with specific grip area
  • CE certified

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

Generally we find TCX boots to be very consistent in fit from one model to the next. For this particular boot, we found the fit to be a bit on the snug side. Its probably due to the “sport” nature of the boot. Sport/race boots tend to fit a bit tighter than more casual street boots. For this boot, I’d still advise using the TCX chart, but if you find yourself between sizes, then definitely choose the larger.

I think the width of this boot is “medium” or C to D width which is much like Sidi boots.

Our Two Cents

TCX introduced this new Roadster 2 boot and the very similar Roadster 2 Air boot in the fall of 2017. This is an update to a now_obsolete style called X-Roadster from about 4 years ago.

Use the “Related Products” link below to view the other version of this boot. What is the difference in the two versions? Well, not much! If you look at the “air” version you’ll see a four rows of perforations on the upper material about mid-foot. Those holes will make this boot breathe a bit better than the “regular” all-black Roadster 2 boot that doesn’t have those same perforations. Those who ride in milder weather and/or want a black boot will pick the regular while those who ride in hot weather and/or want the sport colors will pick the “air” version.

Think of the Roadster 2 boots as being the bottom 2/3 of a sport/race boot. The boots have a molded heel protector and also have toe sliders just like a race boot. And the side entry zipper is also of the same design as a race boot. The overall fit and feel of the boot is trim and sporty. The sole is stiff like a race boot too. This one will be great for sport bikes due to its low profit toe area. Of course the shorter height will make this boot more comfortable to use on the street. The toe and heel areas are well reinforced and the closure on the boot will make it very unlikely that these boots could come off in case of a fall. The strap across the instep is nice to allow you to customize the fit just a bit. The ankle armor is limited to the outside of the ankle bone (there is no armor on the inside of the ankle bone).

The pricing on this boot is quite reasonable in my opinion, and the design will appeal to those who want the sport look and protective features, but without having to wear a race boot (which can be rather impractical for street use). :: Paul, 01-08-18