REVIT Regent Boots ::

REVIT Regent Boots

  • Constructed of water repellent full grain cowhide and waxed suede
  • Polyester mesh inner lining ensures great breathability
  • Thermoformed heel cup and toe cap for optimum protection
  • Injected ankle cup
  • Anatomically shaped foot bed and ankle cup
  • Synthetic rubber anti-torsion sole
  • Shifter pad
  • Reflective pull tab at the back
  • Gusseted tongue

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We tried these boots on for comparison to REV’IT!’s size chart(s) and also to compare to the fit of other boots. We found the size chart conversion provided by REV’IT to be accurate for length, so use the chart to choose a European size based upon your US street shoe size.

As to overall fit, we find this style to be noticably wider through the foot and instep than other REVIT styles we’ve tried… much like Alpinestars and TCX, and so I’m estimating the overall width to be “D” or “E”.

Size US Conversion
from REV’IT!
36 4.5
37 5
38 6
39 6.5
40 7
41 8
42 9
43 10
44 10.5
45 11
46 12

Ladies Conversion: REV’IT! doesn’t have a ladies conversion in their catalog, but we’ve always subtracted 1” from the men’s size to get the ladies equivalent which has always worked well.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Today I have two REV’IT! boots styles on my feet… the Royale and the Regent boot. In terms of function, price and quality, both styles are SO similar, I’ll just make the same comments that will be applicable to both. There is one minor functional difference I see though… the Royale boot has a leather, Velcro-close strap around the neck of the boot to trap your shoe lace tie and the Regent does not.

These boot styles are really sharp and are, in my opinion, a blend of motorcycle protection and functionality and high quality/style footwear. When I see the leather and finishes of these boots, I think “Nordstrom’s”... the overall look is just fantastic. I wouldn’t mind wearing a boot like this anywhere in fact. They are very urban and fashionable, so whether you use them solely for motorcycling or you use them for casual wear, you’ll surely enjoy having them.

As for the protective aspects, the boots are indeed far more protective than ordinary footwear. The toe area and heel are heavily reinforced, and on either side of the ankle bones are large (largest I’ve seen) protectors to guard against impact in that sensitive area. Being a tall lace-up style, the boots will surely stay on your feet in case of a fall. The soles of each boot are durable rubber and I feel some internal stiffness in the shank area which riders need when they put weight on the pegs. (A side comment on this Regent… both color boots have soles that look like stacked leather, but actually they are rubber and just made to look that way.) To protect the toe of the boot from the shifter, you’ll see double layer leather with ribs. The shifter protector is made of the same fine finish leather as the boot upper, so you are likely to scuff it up, but that will add to the vintage panache of the boot.

Otherwise the boots are made of thick, sturdy leather. The eyelets are steel and the shoe laces that come with the boots are sturdy as well. If you look closely, the laces pass through several leather loops on the tongue of the boot which looks sharp and also ensures the tongue stays in position. REV’IT! mentions “water resistant” leather… hmmm… maybe so, but I wouldn’t put the high end material in this boot to work as a waterproof boot by any means. They might resist a short downpour, but if used as a waterproof boot for extended riding, I think you’d be disappointed in what happens.

Overall I really like these boots because of the quality and the style. We’ve got many boots like these (the retro look), but of them all, these are the most refined and are the highest quality I’ve seen to date. :: Paul, 03-04-15

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Leslie C.
Location: Armed Forces Pacific

The boots look good, and it seems like they are made of quality materials. But the quality control and construction are shoddy. The pull-up loop at the back of one of the boots was not completely sewn on (poorly sewn). (Read more...)