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Icon Accelerant Boots

  • Leather Chassis
  • Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13634:2010
  • Metal Buckles
  • Rear Entry Zip w/Gusset
  • Cordura┬« Panels
  • Plastic Reinforcements

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Our Two Cents

Yikes, this boot has some major problems! First off, I usually order size 11 or 11.5 for my reviews and I mistakenly got a size 12.5 because the distributor’s part number scheme was off in some of their documentation, but unfortunately even a 12.5 is too small for me. So that means this boot runs one or even two sizes small.

I find the boot to be overly heavy and VERY stiff… akin to concrete shoes. The upper material looks like a very thick plastic which I can’t imagine would break in and be flexible.

Lastly, I notice the toe slider (or what appears to be one) is rubber, like the sole. Rubber? ... so it can snag on the pavement and yank your foot backward? No thanks. :: Paul, 09-25-15 (more about less-than-favorable reviews)