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Icon 1000 Varial Boots

  • Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13634:2015
  • Full grain leather
  • D3O® ankle inserts
  • Metal Eyelets
  • Ankle Retention Strap

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Sizing Information

We tried on a selection of sizes in this boot and found it to fit us just about right as compared to the stated size, so I’d advise you to buy the size you normally wear in men’s street shoes. I’d estimate the width as “D” or “E” which is a touch wider than the average shoe. The boots lace up, so there is a lot of adjustability for fit as long as the length is right.

Our Two Cents

Icon’s 1000 Varial are a sharp “hybrid” boot that looks like a blend of a boot and a sneaker. The styling is sharp and they are comfortable to wear.

One of the best features on this boot is the sole. It is very comfortable due to a very nice firm innersole and there is built in stiffness in the arch of the boot which important to have in any motorcycle boot since some of your weight will rest on the pegs. If you don’t have some stiffness, the shoes or boots tend to “fold up” around the pegs which will them uncomfortable. The feel of the leather is nice and they should break in easily. I like the design of the top of the boot. It hugs the ankle well and then flares out wider a bit at the very top so they don’t cut into your ankles when you walk (like hiking boot designs are apt to do). We don’t have a black pair here to check out, but the leather on the brown pair is a soft finish… one that shows every mark. They’ll break in and look well worn almost right away which some people like. If you prefer a boot that will hold a shine, this isn’t it.

Lace up boots can be an issue on a bike if they ever hang up on any parts of the bike, but this boot has two ways to wrangle in the laces. At the top of the tongue is a little pocket you can use to stuff in the loose ends of the laces, and then there is a strap that goes across to hold down the loose ends. I’m not a fan of the little post that holds the leather strap in place. It seems a little insecure to me. I’d have preferred Velcro, but I’ll agree it looks nicer than an ordinary Velcro close strap.

There is D3O material on either side of the ankle which feels nice and is flexible. The heel has some reinforcement from the sole wrapping up on the sides and back. The toe reinforcement is pretty non-existent, unfortunately.

Overall, I think these boots look great and they are very comfortable. They should be very functional on or off the bike and look great with casual clothes. And I’d say they are about average in terms of protection feature for a fashion/casual style boot. :: Paul, 04-04-19

Icon says: The ultimate in urban sophistication, the Varial riding boot is a perfect blend of style and safety. The leather uppers are combined with an athletic footbed, which provides superb control feedback. Internally, the axialmetric shank, transverse beam, and engineered lasting board provide full-foot reinforcement while still remaining comfortable. A D3O® ankle insert offers maximum coverage with minimum bulk. Metal eyelets and the ankle retention strap ensure a snug and secure fit. Style with an edge, the Varial boot is the clean and timeless riding boot you’ve been waiting for.