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Dainese Raptors Shoes


  • Rigid inserts on ankles
  • Shoes certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 Standard


  • Microfiber upper
  • Asymmetric laces construction
  • Closing with laces
  • Lace retention system
  • Mesh liner
  • Perforated upper


  • Gear shifter guard in TPU
  • Multi grip outsole
  • Reflective inserts
  • Soft inserts

Note About Shipping: Items that show an availability of “Same Day” are physically located in our Lubbock TX warehouse and will ship on the same day as ordered if you order by 2 p.m. central on a weekday (or the next working day if ordered after 2 p.m central.)
Items showing “3-5 Days” will ship as soon as we receive the item from the Dainese US distribution system which can range from one to four weeks. The Dainese US distributor relies on inventory in their US warehouse as well as inventory overseas. Unfortunately their system is not capable of giving us a more accurate real-time estimate . If you are concerned about the shipping time on any particular item showing “3-5 Day” availability, please reach us using the Customer Service link here on our website, otherwise, we’ll assume you are OK with the longer time frame for delivery.

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Sizing Information

We tried a selection of these boots in our showroom and found the size chart conversion to be accurate for length. The width of the boots is “medium” or C/D width. We suggest using the size chart to choose a size based upon your US shoe size, or of course choose the European size you wear if you know it. We think the fit of these boots is very similar to Sidi boots. Click the image below to make it bigger:

Our Two Cents

Dianese offers the Raptors Shoes in two versions at present (a WP version will come out later). There is the standard shoe and also the “Air Shoe”. This product page shows the standard version so take the link at the bottom of this page to see the “Air” version. This is a sleek sport shoe which looks fast just sitting here on the desk!.

The styling of the Raptors shoe is made to look very much like a race boot. The sole and toe box areas are low profile to fit under sport bike shifters. The top of the foot has the shifter pad and on the outside of the toe area is an extra bit of material to improve the abrasion resistance in that area. It is made to mimic the look of a race boot toe slider.

I like how the laces are built… the eyelets work with the laces so you only have to tug on the lace ends to tighten up the whole foot… kind of like speed laces on a work boot. And across the tongue of the shoe is an elastic strap with a little pull tab. You can easily tuck the loose ends of the laces underneath to keep them out of the machinery. What a simple solution!

There are built in protectors on each side of the ankles to add some impact protection. The heel cup is also reinforced. The plastic material around the back of the foot and heel is some sort of etched finish which is sharp.

The “Air” version of the boot has panels of micro perforated material which will allow good air flow for hot summer riding. If you look at our closeup pictures of both boots you can see the difference the standard boot and the “Air” boot. Both version have the same MSRP so pick the one to suit your climate. Otherwise the versions are the same.

Sharp boots I must say for the street/sport rider who wants looks and function! :: Paul, 07-25-18