TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots ::

TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots

  • Durable, lightweight perforated microfiber upper
  • Over-injected front panel to allow an easy step-in and a precise fit around the foot and leg
  • Lateral micro-injected panel to ease zipper closure
  • Padded rear flex area for a better comfort
  • Abrasion-resistant microfiber heat guard for better grip on the bike
  • Instep micro-injection with iron mesh air intake
  • FFC Fasten Fit Control lacing system
  • Soft microfiber gaiter for a perfect fit around the calf
  • Air Tech breathable, soft touch mesh lining combined with double density foam for superior comfort around the ankle
  • DFC Double Flex Control System
  • PU shin plate with iron mesh air intakes and micro injections
  • PU shift pad integrated in the sole
  • PU heel counter
  • Replaceable abrasion-resistant magnesium toe slider
  • Magnesium rear and heel sliders
  • Outside elastic zipper and VELCRO® brand tab closure
  • Micro-adjustable aluminum buckle and PU-toothed band allow perfect fastening of the shin plate around the calf
  • Replaceable anatomic extra-light breathable insole
  • Reinforced midsole with differentiated thickness
  • Double compound Michelin rubber sole with specific grip area inspired by the Power Supersport EVO Tire
  • CE certified

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Sizing Information

We find TCX boots to be very consistent in fit from one model to the next. We checked this boot and it too is consistent with other models. To choose a size, please click here to see the TCX size chart. The general width of TCX is “medium” or D to E. To compare to other brands you may have experience with, I’d say the overall fit is somewhere between a Sidi boot which is generally a bit more narrow and an Alpinestars boot which has a more generous width.

Our Two Cents

Here is RT-Race Pro Air boot. Its functionally the same as the standard RT Race boots (see link below), but these boots are vented for use in hot summer months. Like the standard version boot, these new RT Race boots are really sharp and pack lot of premium features into a reasonably priced package in my opinion. They offer the interior lacing for size adjustment and have an ankle torsion control system and lots of high tech looking components!

The venting features on this “air” boot comes in two forms. First, there is a strip of perforated upper material to let air pass directly through to your foot. That strip is the white strip just off-center to the outside of the boot. And then there are vents in the top molded shin protector. Air can pass directly through the steel screen material you can see in the photos. These two venting features should do the trick!

Copy/paste from my RT-Race (non vented review): I was all set for sticker shock when these boots first landed on my desk, With other race boots with the list of features these have, I’d have guessed a price point of $400 or more, but I was pleasantly surprised with the $299 retail price. Good job TCX! I like the textured material used on the bike-side of the boot. The material will help to grip the body parts of the bike and the material is somewhat soft like tight grain suede. It has a neat pattern molded into it too.

These boots are one of the few out there constructed with the interior lacings across the instep and ankle area of your foot. Its hard to get an exact fit with a side-zip boot and these lacings help you to do just that. Also there is a strip of slightly stretchy material on the back side of the zipper to help provide a bit of “give”. That little bit of flexibility helps with fit, but also makes it a lot easier to raise the zipper. The calf if adjustable too. Its a ratchet type closure that is easy to use and quite secure.

If you look at the close-up pictures, you can see the exterior “Flex Control System”. Its a firm molded plastic piece that fits all around the ankle. It provided limited flex front to back and side to side but resists any large flexing like you might experience in a crash.

The whole boot really feels sturdy and should provide great crash protection. And the overall looks are much less “clunky” than past designs I’ve seen. I really do like this boot… especially for the price! :: Paul, 11-15-17