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Oxford Tracker Waterproof Boots

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Leather upper
  • Flexible padded instep and back
  • Reinforced ankle protector
  • Full length zip and wrap around velcro storm flap
  • Reinforced counter/shank sole
  • Heavy duty tread design
  • 11”/28cm height

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We tried on a selection of these boots in our offices and found them to fit a bit on the snug side. We estimate they run small about 1/2 size so you’ll want to choose a boot that is either 1/2 size or one full size greater than you normally choose.

As for width, we think the boots have a “normal” or D width.

Click here for a sizing chart provided by Oxford for their boots which gives the cooresponding EU and UK sizes for each US size offered.

Our Two Cents

Tracker Waterproof boots by Oxford are a standard side-zip waterproof boot for street riders, touring riders and commuters.

We sell a LOT of boots like the Tracker boot. Like others, this one has a taller top and a mostly-solid material foot. And then there is a waterproof barrier built in behind the outer material and the liner so your feet will stay dry in the rain. And also like most other standard boots, this one has a zippered side entry. And behind the zipper is a gaiter to keep water from passing through the zipper to the boot’s interior. So having said how similar this boot is to many others, I’d need to point out that the price of this boot is very attractive for what it is. Is it the quality of an Alpinestars or Sidi? We’ll probably not quite, but it is at least as good as mid-priced boots such as Tour Master and FirstGear. I think overall, it looks a feels pretty good for the money.

I’ve checked the literature in the boot box to double check Oxford’s assertion that this boot is leather rather than microfiber (like most other motorcycle boots out there). In physically handling the boot, it feels like microfiber, but all Oxford’s tags and literature say leather, so the only way a person will know is to see how it breaks in. As new, it is still stiff, but my bet is that it is made of microfiber. Anyway, either material is commonly used in a boot like this.

The protection package here feels pretty good. There are hard armor parts in all the usual places… sides of the ankle and in the shin area. The toe box and heel cup are also reinforced. The sole feels like there is reinforcement internally in the shank area, but the rest of the sole is kinda flexible and not terribly heavy duty feeling… but it’s OK.

Overall I like this boot. As of this writing, Oxford products are relatively new to us, and I hope the boots perform up to my expectations. If so, they’ll prove to be the bargain I think they are. :: Paul, 07-12-19

Oxford says: The Oxford Tracker Waterproof Motorcycle Boots are an essential waterproof moto boot designed to offer the rider superb comfort and superior protection with its reinforced ankle protection and flexible padded instep and back. These boots are made with a leather upper and incorporate a fully-waterproof lining, ideal for long journeys or short trips in the saddle.