FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots - 2013 ::

FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots - 2013 (SOLD OUT)

  • Perforated leather toe box with mesh shaft
  • Hard ankle and shin protection
  • Hook-and-loop covered main zipper
  • Toe shift patch

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Sizing Information

FirstGear sells these boots in US sizes. In trying them on, we found the boots to run about one size small in the larger sizes and about a half size small in the smaller size range. We therefore recommend that you use our chart to make a selection (see below).

For each boot size, there is a European size printed in each boot also. The European sizes listed seem to be a good estimate of fit, so if you know your Euro size in most boots, then use our chart to select the “FirstGear Boot Size” based on your usual Euro size.

Why is this sorta messed up? Well, I asked FirstGear, but didn’t get a response. My personal guess is that FirstGear bought these boots from a manufacturer that was used to making boots in European sizes, but then FirstGear decided to sell them in US shoe sizes, and unfortunately they messed up the Euro to US conversion. In any case, just choose by the sizing advice we give and you should be fine.

Boot Size
Our Estimate of
How They Fit
European Size
Labeled in the Boots
7 7 40
8 7.5 41
9 8.5 42
10 9.5 43
11 10 44
12 11 45
13 12 46

The width of these boots tends toward roomy. Some brands like Sidi and Tour Master are more narrow, perhaps a C or D width, and I’d estimate the width of these FirstGear boots as slightly more wide, say D or E. Other brands that run wider like these FirstGear boots are TCX and Alpinestars.

Our Two Cents

FirstGear is making boots again! It’s been a few years since we’ve seen anything from FirstGear in boots, but now all of a sudden they have five new models for 2013. The Mesh Hi boots are one of the models they’ve designed for summer use. These boots are a typical height street boot that is designed to give a lot of ventilation. The boots have generously sized mesh panels down the outside of the leg/ankle. These panels will allow a lot of venting to come through. Also the leather used in part of the foot area is perforated. You can see these clearly in our close-up pictures (take the View Larger Images link above). Like the Kili Hi boot (the WP cousin of this street boot), you’ll see the things you would expect in a street rider’s boot like this…. an inside zipper closure with a Velcro-close flap to protect the zipper (and your paint job). The heel area and toe box are reinforced and there is a protective pad over the toe area where your shifter is likely to hit. The boots are soft and flexible and should break in easily. The insides are lined with a cellular breathable fabric (also very common). There is an armor stiffener placed on the outside of the ankle bone and also one in the shin area. The inside of the ankle isn’t armored per se, but there is double leather in that area (because of the zipper cover). The combination of materials on this boot makes it light and comfortable. I like the looks of the perforated leather too. I’d recommend this style for those that don’t expect rain and for those who ride in anything from cool to hot weather . Overall a great value which I think you will enjoy. :: Paul, 01-26-13

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Ronald R.
Location: Utah

I generally wear a size 12 shoe and motorcycle boot. I took the suggestion to order one size up. I ordered a size 13 which fit. (Read more...)

From: Steven D.
Location: South Carolina

I've put a couple hundred miles on these FirstGear boots in the warm SC spring weather and am pleased so far. They allow some air flow and are definitely cooler than my waterproof Stylmartin boots. The Mesh Hi Boots are reasonably comfortable for ... (Read more...)