TCX Baja Mid WP Boots ::

TCX Baja Mid WP Boots (SOLD OUT)

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Suede front and rear padded areas increase comfort
  • Soft padded upper collar
  • Waterproof lining
  • CFS Comfort Fit System
  • Ergonomic shin plate reinforcement
  • PU malleolus, toe and heel inserts
  • Leather shift pad
  • Inner suede heat guard offers maximum grip
  • 2 interchangeable, micro-adjustable ALU6060 aluminum buckles for superior fit
  • Anatomical and replaceable footbed
  • High performance rubber compound sole with differentiated grip areas for stability and traction on any terrain
  • CE certified

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We find TCX boots to be very consistent in fit from one model to the next. We checked this boot and it too is consistent with other models. To choose a size, please click here to see the TCX size chart. The general width of TCX is “medium” or D to E. To compare to other brands you may have experience with, I’d say the overall fit is somewhere between a Sidi boot which is generally a bit more narrow and an Alpinestars boot which has a more generous width.

Our Two Cents

TCX now has three new boots for the Adventure/off road riders… the Baja boots! There are three versions offered. There is a “mid” WP boot with a lower height, and WP version which is the full height big brother and finally the GTX which is full height but with a genuine GoreTex liner (rather than the “house brand” liner in the other other two boots).

These new Baja boots are pretty slick. The overall construction is VERY substantial. The leather use dis the really thick and stiff stuff which should hold up very well to very rugged use. The stiffness is a key feature in adventure and off road riding. But these boots do have enough flexibility to make them practical for walking too (unlike off-road boots which are not). Also, the soles on these boots are a heavy duty version of what you find on street boots… they smooth (not lugged like more off road designs) and they do have a bit of flexibility to make them more practical for walking, but they do have enough internal stiffening which is what you need when doing riding where you are bearing weight on the pegs a lot.

In addition to the stiffness of the upper material, these boots have addition armor… some you can see and some you can’t. The two taller WP and GTX boots have the large molded plastic shin guard and all three versions have the external molded protector beside the lowest buckle which will shield the side of your foot from debris and also helps from beating up that lowest buckle which would impact objects sort of sideways. And speaking of buckles, notice how when the buckles are closed, they have sort of a streamlined profit which will also help then not get caught on stuff on the trail or even your riding pant legs.

Each boot has side ankle armor pieces on each side of the ankle bone. The heel and toe boxes on each version are well reinforced. The two taller boots have an extra layer of suede-like material on the inside of the boot shaft which helps you grip the bike and also adds a wear surface to protect both the boot and the bike’s surfaces.

The GTX boot has Gore-Tex as the main waterproofing material. That boot is approx $70 more than the “WP” boot that uses TCX’s generic waterproofing material. Do you need that? Well is you are a hard-core rider who will be getting these boots wet frequently and/or you are an athletic rider who will notice Gore-Tex’s famed ability to allow moisture to escape a boot while keeping you dry, then yes, go for it. If are a more casual user then you’ll probably be just fine with the WP version. Look on the bright side…. either way you go, you can always assume you made the best choice!

Have a look at our studio photos to see the minor details and the height of each version. Take the links below to see the other version of the Baja. :: Paul, 01-09-18