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Dainese Smart Jackets LS (54 Or 60 Only) ~ Sale

Smart Jacket LS is a ventilated motorcycle jacket that combines the versatility of a light, ventilated garment with the intelligence and ultimate protection of the Dainese D-air® airbag system. Smart Jacket LS does not require any connection to the motorcycle. It can be used as a normal ventilated jacket, without the need for other coordinating garments, and does not require a subscription. Made of certified, abrasion-resistant, ventilated fabric, it is also suitable for use on the hottest days, ensuring excellent breathability. The Dainese D-air® system used in MotoGP™ and developed over 25 years of research monitors what is happening around the rider 1,000 times per second with its sensors. With no need for cables or connections, it autonomously detects any dangerous situation and immediately activates the Shield, an engineered microfilament airbag that offers the highest level of protection to the chest and back, also limiting any neck and helmet movement. The system activates and protects in the event of sliding, high side, impact with an obstacle or vehicle, or rear-end collision, even when stationary. With Smart Jacket LS, the Dainese D-air® system offers covered areas a level of protection equivalent to seven level 1 rigid back protectors, without the need for a rigid back protector. Smart Jacket LS integrates removable Pro-Armor Lev. 2, Type B protectors on the elbows and shoulders. Pro-Armor technology offers limbs the highest level of protection as well as full mobility and exceptional ventilation, owing to its soft structure inspired by natural fractals and its 40% ventilated surface. Complete with two zippered side pockets, the wearer can practically store essential personal items so that they are always at hand.

Note For safety reasons in the shipment, following the new international standards, the garment is delivered to you with the gas generators disconnected from the electronic device.

  • DOLOMITICERT procedural guideline (2016/425) – Level 1 back airbag (EN 1621-4 CB L1)
  • DOLOMITICERT procedural guideline (2016/425) – Level 2 chest airbag (EN 1621-4 L2)
  • DPI (2016/425)
  • 2 outer pockets
  • Rechargeable battery up to 26 hours
  • Reflective inserts
  • Sensor waterproofness
  • Data is monitored 1,000 times per second
  • Algorithm detects low-sides, high-sides and object/vehicle and rear-end collisions
  • Collisions are detected even when stopped, e.g. rear-end collision at a stop light
D-Air Covered Areas:
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Waist Adjustable System
Performance Shock:
  • D-air® airbag system
  • Pro-Armor protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Level 2 Type B on Elbows
  • Pro-Armor protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Level 2 Type B on Shoulders
  • Ventilated and Breathable

Note About Shipping: Items that show an availability of “Same Day” are physically located in our Lubbock TX warehouse and will ship on the same day as ordered if you order by 2 p.m. central on a weekday (or the next working day if ordered after 2 p.m central.)
Items showing “3-5 Days” will ship as soon as we receive the item from the Dainese US distribution system which can range from one to four weeks. The Dainese US distributor relies on inventory in their US warehouse as well as inventory overseas. Unfortunately, their system is not capable of giving us a more accurate real-time estimate. If you are concerned about the shipping time on any particular item showing “3-5 Day” availability, please reach us using the Customer Service link here on our website, otherwise, we’ll assume you are OK with the longer time frame for delivery.

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Sizing Information

Dainese size chart in inches.

Euro Size Alpha Size US Size Chest Waist Arm Neck Height
42 XS 32 32.3-33.9 27.6-29.1 21.7-22 14-14.4 64.2-65.4
44 SM 34 33.9-35.4 29.1-30.7 22-22.4 14.4-14.8 65.4-66.5
46 SM 36 35.4-37 30.7-32.3 22.4-22.8 14.8-15.2 66.5-67.7
48 MD 38 37-38.6 32.3-33.9 22.8-23.2 15.2-15.6 67.7-68.9
50 MD 40 38.6-40.2 33.9-35.4 23.2-23.6 15.6-15.9 68.9-70.1
52 LG 42 40.2-41.7 35.4-37 23.6-24 15.9-16.3 70.1-71.3
54 LG 44 41.7-43.3 37-38.6 24-24.4 16.3-16.7 71.3-72.4
56 XL 46 43.3-44.9 38.6-40.2 24.4-24.8 16.7-17.1 72.4-73.6
58 XL 48 44.9-46.5 40.2-41.7 24.4-24.8 17.1-17.5 73.6-74
60 2XL 50 46.5-48 41.7-43.3 24.8-25.2 17.5-17.9 74-74.4
62 3XL 52 48-49.6 43.3-44.9 24.8-25.2 17.9-18.3 74.4-74.8
64 4XL 54 49.6-51.2 44.9-46.5 25.2-25.6 18.3-18.7 74.8-75.2

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