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Oxford Continental Pants (Med Short, LG & 2XL Only)

  • WarmDry™ Removable Thermal Tech
  • Dry2Dry™ Removable Breathable Membrane
  • Zip Open Ventilation
  • Mesh Ventilation
  • Direct Ventilation
  • Water-resistant zips
  • CE Knee Protectors
  • Foam Hip Pad
  • Height adjustable protector pockets
  • Reflective Printing
  • Nylon Outer Shell
  • Nylon Bonded Coats Thread
  • Hidden Structure Stitching
  • Reinforced Structure
  • Bar-Tack Stitching
  • YKK Zips
  • 360° & Short Connection Zippers for Oxford Jackets

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these pants and found the basic waist and inseam measurements offered by Oxford’s sizing chart to be accurate. Please refer to the “natural waist” listing in chart called Men’s Measurement guide.

Chose a pant size using Oxford’s chart that will be big enough for your waist and which approximates the inseam. Keep in mind that most jeans are “vanity” sized, meaning they measure out 1” or 2” larger than the stated sized. If you only know your jean’s size and don’t know your actual waist size, then I’d suggest you measure using our guide below. These pants aren’t cut particularly high so they’ll ride just below your belly button like regular jeans. These pants include an adjustable webbed belt which fits on the pants like a regular belt. You’ll be able to snug the pants down to get a comfortable fit.

When in doubt on the inseam, I’d suggest the longer since pants tend to ride up on your legs in the riding position. The knee armor in these pants is highly adjustable with Velcro so you’ll be able to put it into a position that hits your knee properly.

The leg ends are quite large much like other “adventure” riding pants so they will accommodate larger boot tops. They snug down some.. maybe a couple inches. If you only wear riding shoes, they won’t snug up a great deal, so you might not like the fit. Boots are recommend with this style.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Oxford Continental pants are a good looking all-purpose riding pant for all types of riding. This pant has a number of climate control features to take you through a wide range of temps and riding conditions. Armor is included as standard for the hips and knees.

If you take the link below to the Continental jacket by Oxford, you’ll see in my review, I compared the jacket one of REVIT’s popular jackets and I see the same similarities here to a number of REVIT pants. I particularly like the Desert color selection. The material and colors looks great. Black is fine too, but I think the Desert scheme really shows off the nice styling.

These pants are a solid textile shell with two removable liners and venting through the shell. So these pants will adapt to temps from cold to very warm (maybe not the hottest summer temps, especially in southern states), so you’ll be able to enjoy these through most of the months of the year.

The liner setup with the pants is identical to the jacket. The pants are fitted with two removable liners… one waterproof liner for rain and for wind-stop capabilities and then a thermal pant liner to give extra insulation in cold weather. In wet and/or cold temps, you can experiment with the liners to figure out which one, or both will keep you comfortable. With the liners removed, you can use the large vents built in the thigh area just behind the patch pockets. When open, the vent can be used to flow air through the pants. The vent design seems very functional and will work better than a simple zip vent. The only downside to the design is that when the pocket is folded back to expose the vent, the pockets are only partly usable. Shucks.

Suspenders as standard! A heavy pant like this won’t stay up on your waist easily unless you really snug down the waist. And who wants to be squeezed by a belt all day, right? A nice set of removable suspenders is provided as standard. The shoulder straps are highly adjustable and stretch so they’ll be comfortable. And the suspenders in back have a tall fabric extension to overlap with the jacket too keep drafts and water out of/off of your back side. There is a short rear zip connector to zip to Oxford jacket behind the suspender so you can use the suspender even with the jacket connection zipper; two handy hand warmer pockets are located up top like jeans.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Continental jacket and pants. As a combo, for about $500, you’ll get a product that has a similar feature list to other “unnamed” competitors that would cost you nearly double. Armor is included for the hips and knees, so there is nothing else to buy. :: Paul, 08-26-19

Oxford says: Designed to match the jacket perfectly, the Continental pants use all the same technology as the jacket. Tough and reliable, the pants have huge box pockets and detachable braces for that perfect fit.

Highly versatile all day, every day 4-season pants. Comprises of a highly ventilated outer pant, with detachable waterproof and thermal liners, so it can be used in hot, cold and wet weather conditions

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