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Dainese Alger Pants (54 Only)

Stylish and comfortable, perfect to be distinguished in any occasion, in unmistakable Dunes look. The elasticated textile and the pre-curved shape make this pant perfect for every day adventures.


  • Dunes elasticated textile

General Features

  • prEN 17092 certified motorbike protective pant

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of sizes in this pant and developed the chart below to help you choose a size. The waist size is listed as “max waist”. The waist band on the pants is a snap-close solid band which does not have adjustments with Velcro like many motorcycle pants. There are however belt loops so you can snug the pants down with your own belt.

The measured inseam is listed below. The leg of this pant tapers down so with the leg-end zipper closed it is very close to the ankle and measures about 5 1/2” across when laid flat. However you can wear the pants with the leg zipper open since it has a fixed fabric gusset. With the zipper open, the pants measure about 7 1/4” across which would work over a boot with a trim top. When in doubt measure your own jeans that will fit over your boots and see what you think.

Pant Size Max Waist Inseam
46 28 31
48 30 31.5
50 32 32
52 34 32
54 36 32.5
56 38 32.5
58 40 33
60 42 33

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Dainese Alger pants are a navy color cloth textile pant with black suede trim. They taper to the ankle and have knee armor inserts included.

At first glance, I thought these pants were some sort of modern fashion statement. The dark navy material with a black suede trim strip all the way down the out-seam makes them look sort of military or “dress blues”. The waist is built like a traditional slack or jean with a single snap closure and belt loops (no Velcro adjustments). They are a flat-front cut with slash front zippered pockets.

The leg of the pant tapers to the ankle, but the leg end has a zipper which is about 12” long and zips up from the cuff and has a matching gusset behind, so with the zipper open, the leg end is about like straight jeans. When close, the leg end is snug around the ankle and could be tucked into boots, or worn over riding shoes. I like the leg because of the flexibility in wearing with different boots and shoes. The seat, thigh, and leg of the pants is similar to a standard cut pair of jeans… not snug, but not baggy either. The pants are surprisingly comfortable to wear because of the full nylon mesh liner and because the pant material has a bit of stretch to it.

Flexible Pro-Shape armor inserts are included for the knees. There is a bit if very light padding on the thigh and over the knee with a quilted stitch for style, but don’t consider those as “protective”. There is no provision for hip armor.

I could see this pant worn over a nice black leather/suede riding shoe like the new Tan-Tan or you could open up the leg zipper for wearing over some other kind of boot. Look for other pieces of the Dunes collection by Dainese such as the Alger, Alger Nomad, Kidal and Kayes jackets. :: Paul, 08-09-19

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