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Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Pants (MD Only)

The Yokohama Pant is a superior multi-material pant featuring a host of comfort features such as an innovative ventilation system for excellent levels of internal cooling performance. With class-leading removable knee protectors and Alpinestars 100 per cent waterproof DRYSTAR® membrane, the Yokohama allows the rider to cope the toughest of conditions.


  • Multi-material, laminated poly-textile chassis construction for superior levels of abrasion and tear resistance and weather performance.
  • Strategically positioned abrasion and tear resistant reinforcements offer additional durability.
  • Class-leading impact protection provided by removable CE certified knee protectors. Protectors are housed within internal mesh pockets, allowing them to be adjusted according to rider’s leg length.
  • Excellent protection against the elements provided by Alpinestars’ DRYSTAR® 100% waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • Pre-curved legs and an articulated knee construction provide high level of comfort while stretch panels on crotch and knee, plus an extensive stretch panel on rear yoke provides enhanced freedom of movement.
  • Removable thermal lining (100g) means pants can be worn in a variety of climatic conditions, adding to their overall versatility
  • Optimized for use with range of textile jackets, thanks to a full circumference waist zipper.
  • Ventilation system includes zippered thigh openings allow for personalized and adjustable levels of airflow.
  • Reflective details on lower legs to improve rider visibility in varying light conditions.


  • Internal hip compartments are lined with ergonomically tapered PE comfort foam for superior riding comfort.Hip compartments can be upgraded to incorporate Alpinestars new CE certified Nucleon hip protectors.


  • Velcro waist and leg adjustments for precision fit in various riding positions. Waist incorporates 3D mesh interior for comfort.
  • Extended zippered boot gussets ensure a tight seal around the ankle and facilitate fitting and removal.
  • Waist connection zipper for secure integration with Alpinestars riding jacket
  • Deep zippered side pockets for peace-of-mind closure. And safe storage of valuables.
  • Removable bib braces offer secure and close fit and comfort.

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Sizing Information

These pants are sold in US Alpha sizes and Alpinestars offers a chart to estimate the waist size for each size. The conversion estimates are about what you’d expect for each US alpha size and we verified the estimates on several pair and found them to be pretty accurate. (Note: Prior to 2018 product releases, Alpinestars standard size charts indicated waist sizes that were significantly larger than those listed here and we had to provide our own estimates on size. Now Alpinestar’s chart more accurately reflects actual size.)

To help you get the right size, we’ve condensed Alpinestars rather complicated chart to something more easily readable. Please note that we are listing a waist size range for each pant because the pants have adjustment tabs on the waist that allow you to snug them down if needed. Choose a size based on the measurement of your waist. You’ll want to measure yourself up a bit higher on your waist than ordinary jeans because protective pants like this are a little higher waisted. Take the link below if you need advice on how to measure. Due to the general trim “cut” of these pants, I’d advise you to choose larger if you find yourself between sizes.

Alpha Size Alpinestars Waist
Size Estimate
Measured Inseam
Small 30 to 31.5 30.5
Medium 31.5 to 33 31.5
Large 33 to 34.5 33
XL 36 to 37.5 33.5
XXL 38 to 39 34.5
XXXL 41 to 42.5 35
XXXXL 42.5 to 44 35

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Yokohama Drystar Pants are designed with features that will appeal to more touring, and adventure style riding. These pants will accommodate a wider range of temps because they have zippered venting which is designed for direct flow of air pas the internal waterproof lining and the “bonded” construction of the Drystar waterproof liner gives better performance than “standard” construction (more on that below). And they also have a removable thermal liner for cold weather use. The pants include suspenders (removable) which give a comfortable fit. The pant legs are slightly wider at the bottom for more rugged adventure/off-road boots. The overall fit of the pants is a bit more trim than many other textile pants whose thigh and leg fit are more “baggy”.

Like many other styles, these pants have short zippers and a Velcro adjuster on the pant leg ends to help you get them get them on easily and to allow for adjustment of the pant leg size to suit your choice of footwear. The side zippers only come up about half way up the leg so they aren’t a typical “overpant” design, so they’ll work best as your riding pants (over underwear) rather than using them over street clothes. If you oversize them, you can probably use them over street clothes, but you’ll have to take off your boots to get them on/off.

The waist of the pant is adjustable with side straps with a sliding buckle, so they are highly adjustable. They also have suspenders included. Suspenders allow you to wear the pants with a bit looser waist, which makes them really comfortable on long rides. And when you stand up on the pegs or stand up when off the bike, the suspenders will keep the pants up even with the added weight of the armor and whatever you pack along in the front pockets. Personally, I’m a big fan of suspenders but if you aren’t, they are removable.

This product is one of the first styles from Alpinestars to use their new “bonded” Drystar construction. A jacket or pant where the waterproof membrane is “bonded” to the shell. Jackets/pants with the standard non-bonded waterproof liner means the liner is installed between the jacket’s outer shell and inner liner, but with bonded construction, the waterproof barrier is fused to the outer layer. One advantage to the bonded garment is that the shell material won’t absorb water and soak through, but rather the shell material repels the water. That means the jacket itself doesn’t absorb water and so it doens’t take on weight and take so long to dry after you get out of the rain. I’m told also, the breath-ability of a bonded garment is better than non-bonded. You’ll see in our photo gallery, the front zip vents on these pants. Those zippers are waterproof which will keep water out when they are closed off, and with the bonded waterproof liner setup, when you op[en the zippers air will pass directly through to your skin. This arrangement allows for better cooling as compared to pants where the air only passes over the outside of a non-bonded waterproof liner. Those who ride long distances and through varying weather conditions will appreciate the better venting. And for colder weather, you close up those vents and use the removable full thermal liner which feel nice and should give lots of warmth. I’d say these pants are easily three season… maybe 3 1/2 season.

For compatibility with Alpinestars jackets, the pants have a full around zip connection so you can have an integrated suit. So the new bonded Drystar construction with its better venting and waterproof capabilities is the draw here. Of course the price is run up as compared to standard textiles, but if you compare to other high-end bonded Outdry or GoreTex garements, I think you’ll see that the Yokohama is competitive. :: Paul, 10-17-17

Upgraded hip armor: Alpinestars offers upgraded hip armor in two versions (see below). Take the link to either product page for an explanation of the difference between the two choices. I’d recommend the KR-H for this style pant. The pants have the “loop” Velcro in the hip area, ready for these upgraded armor pieces which have the mating Velcro. The pants are supplied as standard with thin foam hip pads.

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