Alpinestars T SP-5 Rideknit Pants ::

Alpinestars T SP-5 Rideknit Pants (XXL Only)

  • Chassis constructed from hard-wearing poly-fabric for comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.
  • Knitted design textile pants with pre-curved knees for optimal riding performance.
  • Optimized for comfort and performance, the pants are tapered for a seamless fit with sports riding footwear.
  • Knitted technology fabric on-seam area for maximum stretchability, thus optimizing fit and comfort.
  • Single crotch panel for additional rider comfort.
  • CE Level 1 knee and hip protection
  • According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply to this product:
  • Fully CE-certified riding garment to CE – Category II prEN17092 standards – A class.
  • Rear of pants is elongated, giving a high back profile for enhanced coverage when riding.
  • Knitted technology fabric on-seam area for maximum stretchability, thus optimizing fit and comfort.
  • Ergonomic pre-curved knee construction reduces rider fatigue.
  • Hook and loop waist adjustment for a secure closure.
  • Two front thigh pockets for real-world practicality.
  • Elasticated ankle panel for quick and easy on/off.
  • Front fly with button for a secure closure.
  • Equipped with a short cord to tighten the calf, allowing riders to optimize the fit.

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Sizing Information

These pants are sold in US Alpha sizes and Alpinestars offers a chart to estimate the waist size for each size. The conversion estimates are about what you’d expect for each US alpha size, and measurements of each size pretty accurately match Alpinestars published sizing chart.

To help you get the right size, we’ve condensed Alpinestars rather complicated chart to something more easily readable. Please note that we are listing a waist size range for each pant because the pants have adjustment tabs on the waist that allow you to snug them down if needed (but they don’t get bigger). Choose a size based on the measurement of your waist.

Note about inseam: As you can see from the chart, the inseam on these pants are shorter than regular pants. The intention is that you’ll be wearing these pants tucked inside sport/race boot or you’d wear them with shorter top riding shoes/sneakers. Accordingly, the pant leg will reach to about your ankles or even a bit higher. Don’t plan on wearing the pants over boots other than styles that fit very close to the ankle such as a shorter top side zip style.

Alpha Size Alpinestars Waist
Size Estimate
Measured Inseam
Small 30 to 31.5 28.5
Medium 31.5 to 33 28.5
Large 33 to 34.5 29
XL 36 to 38 30
XXL 39-41 31
XXXL 41 to 42.5 31
XXXXL 44-45.5 31

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The new Alpinestars T SP-5 Rideknit Pants are new for 2021 and are part of a group of new rider wear that uses flexible knit materials to enhance comfort. Check out the complimentary T SP-5 Rideknit Jacket (link below).

Wow, I’m really impressed with the comfort of these riding pants! They are a departure from the traditional Alpinestar’s textile pants styles with the use of softer and more stretchable materials. The front and backs of the legs are covered in solid knit material and panels of more-stretchy knit materials make up the sides of the legs, the backs of the knees and below the calves. Other stretch materials are positioned below the waist in back and above the knees so you can assume a sport riding position in comfort.

The waist construction used here is more traditional with non-stretch materials and side waist adjusters. I think this is a good move since sport pants with only stretch materials in the waist have to rely upon being zipped to a jacket to stay up on your body, but these pants can stay up on their own. In fact, they don’t have any zippers for attachment to jackets. They do have a “belt” that passes around the back and hooks up to those Velcro adjusters, so you’ll be able to attach the T SP-5 Rideknit Jacket or any other jacket with loops for attachment to jeans or other pants.

The pants come fully kitted with armor inserts for the hips and knees. Nucleon Flex units are included for the knees and Bio Flex for the hips. Both are very flexible and extremely comfortable in these pants.

The stretch materials mentioned above are very breathable and in fact, I think these pants would work pretty well up into the hot days of summer. If you were moving, maybe even the hottest days. There are no removable liners, or windproof layers included, so you’ll be layering under the pants with your own garments in cooler weather. And neither the jacket or pants is a waterproof design, so plan accordingly (either just get wet or pack a rainsuit).

Notice how the leg ends are tapered and fit close to the ankles. As I mentioned in the sizing advice, you’ll be wearing these pants with shorter riding shoes or boots, or you can tuck them into taller sport boots. But being as slim fit to the ankle like they are, you won’t be able to wear them over taller boots.

Many people are choosing riding jeans these days for comfort, but I think these new RideKnit styles offer similar or even better comfort in a design that is a bit more protective. :: Paul, 06-10-21

Alpinestars says: With a highly durable and abrasion resistant poly-fabric construction and subtly incorporated class-leading Nucleon Flex knee and Bio Flex hip protectors, the T-SP5 Rideknit® Textile Pants feature a modern silhouette and are tapered to fit with sports riding footwear. Fully optimized for sports and performance riding, these pants have a unique knitted technology fabric on the seam area for maximum stretchability, thus enhancing fit and comfort.

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