Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Pants - 2017 ::

Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Pants - 2017 (XXL - XXXL Only)

  • Advanced reinforced poly-fabric textile and Alpinestars exclusive DRYSTAR® construction for excellent all-weather performance
  • Removable long thermal liner ensures comfort on hot or cold days
  • Efficient direct ventilation vents strategically positioned on thighs
  • Pre-contoured leg construction with knee accordion stretch panels and on back of knees for improved riding performance
  • -Interior hip pad compartments with poly-foam comfort padding- These pants actually come with foam pads secured in the pants with Velcro. The armor can be upgraded to CE level 1 or 2 (see below).
  • Impact protection provided with removable CE-certified knee protectors
  • Reinforced polymer-printed texturing in critical knee areas for added abrasion resistance
  • Integrated reflective graphic details and logos improve rider visibility in varying light conditions
  • Adjustment waist system features buckle and stretch material for highly customizable fit
  • Zippered air in-takes to control internal temperature
  • Zippered, waterproof hand pockets, plus cargo-style pockets for convenience and peace-of-mind storage
  • Adjustable, removable bib braces (suspenders) improve comfort and fit
  • Optimized for use with the Andes DRYSTAR® V2 Jacket with internal waist connection zipper

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Sizing Information

The pants are sold in ordinary US Alpha sizes and Alpinestars offers a chart to estimate the waist size for each alpha size. The conversion estimates are about what you’d expect for each US alpha size but the actual pants are a bit smaller than what Alpinestars estimates.

To help you get the right size, we’ve developed a chart which shows Alpinestars “official” estimate of size and what size we observed. Please note that we are listing a waist size range for each pant. That is because the pants have adjustment tabs on the waist that allow you to snug them down if needed (but they do not get bigger). Choose a size based on the measurement of your waist. You’ll want to measure yourself up a bit higher on your waist than ordinary jeans because protective pants like this are a little higher waisted. Take the link below if you need advice on how to measure.

Alpha Size Alpinestars Waist
Size Estimate
Our Waist
Size Estimate
Measured Inseam
Small 31 to 32.5 28-31 31
Medium 33.5 to 35 31-33 31.5
Large 36 to 37.5 33-34.5 32
XL 38 to 39.5 34-36 32.5
XXL 40.5 to 42 36-38 33
XXXL 43 to 44.5 38-40 33.5
XXXXL 45.5 to 47 40-42 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Andes Drystar v2 are a slightly updated version of the Andes pant introduced in 2013. I really haven’t spotted much of a difference in the two versions other than the new one has a couple zip close front pockets and some improvements to the zip venting (see below). Also, the hip armor in this new style is upgradable.

These pants are of course made to be paired with the Andes Drystar jacket. Like the jacket, these pants also are made with the integral Drystar liner to achieve the waterproofing capabilities. And like the jacket, these pants will be ideal for those that ride in wet and/or mild to cold weather. The pants are made waterproof by way of a “drystar” lining that is installed in the pant between the outer shell and the inner lining. You’ll see that the pants have a couple vents on the thigh, and in this v2 version, the vent uses a waterproof zipper and go all the way through the liner. And so when you open the vent, there is a direct path for the air through to your body. The direct venting is an improvement over the previous version since the air can pass all the way through, but having said that, vents on pants aren’t well positioned to catch the full air flow like a jacket, so I’ll suggest a style like this for cold to wet weather to warm weather, but not hot weather. For colder weather use, the pants are equipped with a removable thermal liner that feels plushy and nice.

I really like the overall construction and look of the pants. The materials are high quality and reasonably priced. One thing you get with these pants that I’ve always been a fan of is suspenders. Now, some of you may scoff, but I invite you to try the suspenders on a long tour. You can wear your pants at a comfortable tightness for long term sitting, and then they’ll also fit good and “stay up” when you are off the bike because of the suspenders. Now admittedly, I have a bit of a belly, but so do a lot of you and if you do, all the better to have those suspenders! But if you aren’t buying my sales pitch on the suspenders, they are easily removable.

Take the “View Larger Images” link above and you can see how those remove and also see shots of all the other features of these pants. I think the Andes jacket and pants both are very nice looking, have a lot of features and are very well priced. :: Paul, 03-15-17

Hip Armor Upgrade: These pants are offered with foam hip pieces as standard (see our photo gallery). Those hip pieces can be upgraded to CE units made of a soft dense foam material that is energy absorbing. The hip armor upgrade is available in two versions… CE level 1 or CE level 2. My recommendation for a street pant like this is the Level 1 version. It is thinner than the level 2 and about the thickness I think you would find comfortable. The level 2 armor would be appropriate for one and two piece race suits or for sport leather race pants. But the choice is yours… either version will fit.

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