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Icon Hypersport 2 Pants

  • Icon Attack Fit
  • 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather chassis.
  • D30® impact protectors – Hip, Knees.
  • Integrated Flex Zones, Elastic Waistband, Replaceable Nylon Knee Sliders, Waist Zipper for attaching Hypersport 2 Jacket (sold separately)

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Sizing Information

This jacket and pant product is sold in European sizes. Since the Hypersport 2 jacket and pants are tailored to be used together, I’ve put sizing advice together for both products.

Jacket Fit:

We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins. The overall sizing of the jackets is accurate to Icon’s sizing chart (summarized below). The sizes used in our Fit Check photos is 58 for Dewey who has a 45” chest and 54 for Huey who has a 41” chest. The fit is a bit loose so we probably could have put them in one size smaller.

To choose a jacket size, I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape and get your chest size in inches, and if you have a bit of a belly you can also check your max belly. Then you can use the size chart to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly using the chart.

This is a sport cut jacket and fits close to the body. The taper from chest to waist is about 4” which is not as aggressive as a full-on race jacket (which can taper as much as 8” from chest to waist. With a “drop” of about 4”, the fit will be easier for those with an average to muscular build. The waist band on this jacket can be reduced in size by about 3” total using the size waist adjusters. If your belly is significantly smaller than the max belly listed in the chart (minus 3”), then you probably won’t be too happy with the cut of this jacket. You’d be better off looking at a European styled jacket that is generally more trim through the midsection.

This model has a great deal of flexible accordion material in the underarm and behind the shoulders. And those stretch areas really do stretch a lot which will be a big help to those with larger frames.

Pants Fit:

The matching Hypersport 2 pants have an elasticized waist band. The max size for each pant size is listed in the chart below. These pants are made to be paired with a jacket either with the full around zipper or the short rear zipper. They won’t stay up on your waist well without being paired to a jacket because of the “unstructured” elastic waist.

The full zip on the jackets and pants mate exactly for length when you pair like sizes (example 58 jacket with a 58 pant). If you pair non-like sizes the zips will not be the exact same length which isn’t a problem, but if you try to pair jacket/pants that are off by two sizes, it might be a problem in which case you’d have to pay a tailor to rework the zipper in the jacket. You can see from the chart the pant size for a given chest size lends itself toward stockier build people.

The pants have tapered pant legs intended for use tucked into sport/race boots. The inseam is short with the idea they’ll only reach the top of your foot (or even a bit shorter). The armor is positioned in the pant to fit over your knee. The armor is soft and is somewhat flexible as to exact positioning. If you are taller than average for your jacket/pant size, these pants might not work for you. They’ll work best of average to shorter riders.

Euro Size Jacket Max
Chest Size
Belly Size
Pant Max
Waist Size
46 37 33 31
48 39 35 33
50 40 36 35
52 42 38 36
54 43 39 38
56 45 41 39
58 47 43 41
60 48 44 42

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Hypersport 2 jacket and pants by Icon are a new sport/race jacket and pant combo that is styled that are styled for sport/racewear. The Hypersport 2 pants will pair with the jacket to made a track competent 2 pc suit. The pants come complete with D3O armor in the hips and knees and they also include a set of removable/replaceable knee pucks.

The Hypersport 2 jacket/pant combo is a bit of a hybrid product between Icon’s traditional sport leather jackets and more race cut products from Alpinestars, REVIT, etc. The cut of the jacket is a bit trimmer than their normal street jackets but not nearly as form fitting as others. I think this will be a great choice for a certain type of rider who wants a jacket that will be easy to wear, protective and comfortable for streetwear, but who may also want to do some serious sport riding on the street or even amateur track days. And I think this pant jacket setup would be especially welcome to people who have larger builds. As I described in the sizing advice, this jacket/pant is significantly more “American” cut that most other products in this category.

Most of this pant is black leather, but in the crotch, insides of the legs and on the backs of the calves there is stretch material used liberally. The stretch material will vent pretty well and make the pants comfortable in cool to warm weather, but I wouldn’t recommend this for hot summer days.

The jacket and pants zip together will a full zipper which makes the two into a 2pc suit. A short rear zip is supplied also which you can also use if you don’t want to use the full zip. OR you could use the short zipper on either the jacket and pants to zip to other jackets/pants in Icon’s line that also have a short rear zipper.

A full set of D3O CE rated armor is supplied for both the jacket and pants. For the jacket, you get shoulders, elbows, and back and with the pants, you get hip and knee armor. The combination of the thick leather and D3O makes for a pretty stout suit.

On the pants, I like the stretch waist feature and also the liberal use of accordion stretch material below the waist in back and above the knees. I also like the combination of a hook and a snap at the waist so the waist can’t pop open.

The Hypersport 2 jacket/pant are well made and have pretty good armor included. The pricing is less than what you’d pay for many other brands with similar features. If you can’t get a good fit with other European brands due to the trim sizing, this Icon gear might be a very good option for you:: Paul, 04-16-19

Icon says: The Hypersport2 pant is the counterpart to the Hypersport2 jacket. A stylish blend of 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather and textile chassis, coupled with ICON’s Attack Fit, yields a durable pant ready for aggressive riding. D3O® knee and hip impact protectors with the integrated knee and lumbar flex zones create excellent on-bike mobility. The tailored fit is accompanied by a comfortable elastic waistband. Elite on the street or at home on the track, the Hypersport2 pant accepts replaceable nylon knee sliders and includes a waist zipper so you can easily connect them to your Hypersport2 jacket.

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