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Trilobite Taff Jeans

Taff riding jeans look like normal pants but incorporate protection provided by aramid fibers by Kevlar® by DuPont™ and Trilobite® Premium Protection CE level 2 protectors on hips and knees. The height of the knee protector can be positioned to the rider´s liking thanks to pockets with Velcro adjusters. Magnum Poli Denim is chosen because of its soft, strong, fashionable and durable qualities

  • 100% Magnum Poly Denim Aramid fiber lining in knees and seat made with Kevlar® by DuPont™
  • Trilobite® Premium Protection CE level 2 protectors on hips and knees
  • Note About Armor: Trilobite is doing a running change to their armor. They are switching over to Sas-Tec CE level 1 protectors for certification purposes in Europe
  • Belt loops for adjustment, front flap with 1 button
  • 2 front pockets, 1 secret pocket, 2 back pockets
  • Adjustable height knee protectors

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they are much like other jeans you’d buy these days. They are just a bit “vanity” sized in the waist. Across the size run, the actual measured waist is just about 2” larger than the stated size which is typical vanity sizing. And of course these are denim and may shrink just a tad too. So my overall advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit. If you aren’t sure whether your jeans are vanity sized like I’m describing, then either measure your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure your favorite pair of jeans to verify. You’ll probably find that you measure out a bit bigger than your normal jeans size and also the waist of your favorite jeans measures out an inch or two bigger than their stated size. If so, you will be on track following my advice.

The material used in these jeans has an elastic component to them which makes them pretty forgiving for size. If you find yourself between sizes, I’d suggest going with the smaller.

The inseam lengths measure out about right for the stated size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.