Trilobite Micas Urban Jeans ::

Trilobite Micas Urban Jeans

Outer material

  • 11.5 oz elastic denim, 98% cotton, 2% elastane

Outer shell lining

  • Aramid fibres lining in knees and seat made with Kevlar® by progressive DuPont™ technology


  • Trilobite® Premium Protection CE Level 1 protectors on knees
  • Hip protectors prepared
  • Note About Armor: Trilobite is doing a running change to their armor. They are switching over to Sas-Tec CE level 1 protectors for certification purposes in Europe

Ergonomic features

  • 5 pockets
  • Stretch panels in knees
  • Adjustable height of knee protectors
  • Raised waist beltat the back

Slim Fit

Kevlar® and DuPont™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they are much like other jeans you’d buy these days. They are just a bit “vanity” sized in the waist. Across the size run, the actual measured waist is just about 2” larger than the stated size which is typical vanity sizing. And of course these are denim and may shrink just a tad too. So my overall advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit. If you aren’t sure whether your jeans are vanity sized like I’m describing, then either measure your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure your favorite pair of jeans to verify. You’ll probably find that you measure out a bit bigger than your normal jeans size and also the waist of your favorite jeans measures out an inch or two bigger than their stated size. If so, you will be on track following my advice.

The material used in these jeans has an elastic component to them which makes them pretty forgiving for size. If you find yourself between sizes, I’d suggest going with the smaller.

The inseam lengths measure out about right for the stated size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Trilobite Micas Urban Jeans offer sturdy construction and armor in a more modern slim fit style. Knee armor is included.

The denim fabric used in these pants is pretty thick and surprisingly stretchy, so fit will be a little forgiving. The waist band is a bit taller in back to give more coverage when sitting (similar to traditional motorcycle pants). And to help with comfort when sitting, the pants have expansion sections above the knee armor. The overall cut is standard in the seat and the legs are tapered to give a slim fit.

The knees are fitted with CE rated armor. The armor is a three layered foam unit that is very flexible, but also has some good thickness. You install the armor in the pocket over the knee which is accessed by the zipper above the knee. The armor goes in a cotton pouch which is then secured inside the pocket with Velcro. You can adjust the position of the armor side to side with the Velcro, but the armor pocket isn’t long enough to give much movement of the armor piece up and down. But since the armor isn’t pre-curved it really isn’t critical as to the position of the armor up and down. This arrangement should work well for most riders.

The main material here is denim with a stretch component, which by itself isn’t very abrasion resistant, but these pants also have Kevlar fabric built into the seat, hips and knees to add some motorcycle specific protection. This type of reinforcement is very common in riding jeans and is something you want to look for in choosing a pair. Speaking of hips… the pants come with pockets for the addition of hip armor. We have had trouble sourcing Trilobite’s hip armor, so we recommend the Alpinestars BioFlex Hip armor listed at the bottom of this page. It works great and is a good shape/size for the armor pocket in these pants.

The pricing on these pants is pretty good considering the inclusion of the knee armor as standard. :: Paul, 08-02-18

Trilobite says: Micas Urban jeans are motorcycle protective jeans with casual look. Slim fit style available in various color options. Urban look makes out of these jeans great choice for city riders. With their functionality these jeans will satisfy not only scooter riders but also street and naked bike riders for their city riding and trips around. Stretchy denim provides maximum comfort even for these very slim fit jeans. Knee stretch panels are finely integrated looking as a fashion element. For those who prefer, camo color options are made of non-elastic denim. High waist at the back will cover the back of a rider when on road perfectly. Micas urban jeans are lined with aramid fibres made with original Kevlar® by DuPont™. Lining covers knee and hip impact zones giving the jeans abrasion resistance. Micas Urban comes with CE level 1 Trilobte® Premium protectors in knees as a standard. Insertion of knee pads is very easy thanks to hidden zipper opening in knee stretch panels. Jeans can be optionally equipped with hip protectors.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Brian J.
Location: Ohio

The Trilobite Micas Jeans are a great product. I was curious about these Trilobite Jeans, since I already own the Trilobite Parado Jeans. The only real difference I see and feel is the extra armor in The Parado Jeans. (Read more...)

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