REVIT Detroit TF Jeans ::

REVIT Detroit TF Jeans (28-31x34, 31x32, Or 32x36 Only)


Outer shell
  • Cordura® denim Protection
  • SEESMART™ CE-level 1 protection at knee and hip | double layered with PWR|shield
  • laminated reflection
  • 84% Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 1% Elastane


  • Tapered fit
  • Slit pockets

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they are much like other jeans you’d buy these days. They are just a bit “vanity” sized in the waist and pretty true in the length. Across the size run, the actual measured waist was about 2” larger than the stated waist size (typical vanity sizing). So my primary advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit.

If you aren’t sure whether your jeans are vanity sized like I’m describing, then either measure your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure your favorite pair of jeans to verify. You’ll probably find that you measure out a bit bigger than your normal jeans size and also the waist of your favorite jeans measures out an inch or two bigger than their stated size. If so, you will be on track following my advice. The denim used in these pants has a good deal of stretch to them, so if you are sometimes between sizes, I’d advise you to buy the smaller.

The inseam lengths measured out about right as compared to the stated size. These are slim fit jean and a standard feature here is that REVIT adds a strip of reflective piping on the inside seam of the jeans with the idea that you’ll roll up the ends and the reflective strip will show. If you like the look of rolling up the ends of the jeans, then buy one size longer than you normally would.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

REVIT Detroit TF (tapered fit) jeans are new for 2020. These are a good looking trim-fit jean with very stretchy denim material that allows them to be comfortable in a riding position. Armor is included for the knees and hips, so there is nothing else to buy.

Most riding jeans, fall into two general camps; the first being jeans made of denim that is woven with Cordura/Kevlar material in the material itself. This type of jean is most like regular jeans and can provide abrasion protection without an extra layer. The second camp are jeans that are made of regular denim but with panels of Kelvar fabric installed inside the jean in key areas… usually the knees and hips. This reinforced setup is generally less expensive, but perhaps just a bit more bulky.

What I see new here is that the Detroit TF jeans have BOTH the Cordura denim AND reinforcements in the hips and knees with an additional layer of REVIT’s PWR shield material (their house brand of abrasion resistant material). I was kind of expecting the jeans to feel bulky, but I’m pleasantly surprised that they fit quite normally.

The fabric used in these jeans is pretty stretchy, so even though the fit is slim, they feel very nice… even in a riding position. These jeans include armor in the knees and hips already. It is a VERY flexible type armor and will fit your knee well without alignment being an issue. I really like REVIT’s armor for jeans. The thickness and flex is ideal for jeans.

The ends of the legs are tapered like a slim fit jean. They work tucked into a boot or they’ll work with lace-ups or riding shoes, but with the trim size at the end of the leg, they might not go over a bulky boot top. Just to give you an idea, the size 34 waist jean measures 7” across when laid flat. You can compare that figure to measurements from some jeans you have to judge how well they’d work over your boots. When in doubt on inseam selection, I’d advise you to choose the longer. REVIT puts strips of reflective material inside the leg end, so when you roll them up, you’ll have night reflectivity. Just a side note: MANY manufacturers have followed suit with this idea of the legs being rolled up and putting the reflectives inside the leg. I think it would be better to have the reflective part on the outside and part on the inside so you’d have the safety advantage either way, but maybe I’m missing some fashion imperative somewhere. But anyway, that’s the way it works.

Overall, I really like this style a lot… the fabric is sturdy AND with reinforcements, very nice armor is included, the jeans have a good looking fit and they’re comfortable. BTW, if any ladies in your life happen to be looking for jeans, check out the very similar Victoria SF jeans with the link below. :: Paul, 02-14-20

REVIT says: The Detroit TF (tapered fit) jeans are made of a stretch Cordura® denim outer shell, which is on-par with today’s demand for stretch jeans. It’s then combined with PWR|shield at the high risk zones, further reinforcing its strength in the most important places. It’s then all put together using PWR|yarn, so these jeans mean business when it comes to offering motorcycle-ready protection against undesired road rash. CE-rated impact protection comes from our ultra-thin SEESMART™ armor at the hips and knees.

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I just realized that I haven't put my measurements in any of the past five reviews. Normally I am 5'10" with a 45 inch chest and a 36 inch waist. But due to a recent surgery, I am still 5'10", but my chest is now a 42, waist is a 34, and I weigh... (Read more...)