Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans ::

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans (SOLD OUT)

  • 12oz Heavy duty denim
  • DuPont® Kevlar® reinforced in the seat, hip & knee panels (DuPont® Kevlar® is an Aramid fiber which is a class of heat-resistant synthetic fibers, used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites)
  • Pockets for knee armor (armor sold separately)
  • Added cotton comfort layer
  • Stretch panels at knee & upper seat areas
  • Ride-friendly cut
  • 7 pockets including 2 zippered pockets
  • Reflective stripe on legs & tail bone
  • Available in regular and short lengths

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Sizing Information

I measured the waist in a selection of these jeans and found them to be true to size with a tape measure. But they aren’t vanity sized. Also, unlike a lot of motorcycle specific pants which fit higher on the waist, these are more like normal jeans and ride lower. Most people can buy the size they normally buy in jeans, but those who are concerned should check themselves with a tape. Alternately you could check the measured waist of your most favorite fitting jeans using the instructions below and then buy based on what you measure. But overall the fit of these pants should be easy… there isn’t anything weird about them.

These pants are offered in “regular” and “short” inseam versions. Joe Rocket says the regulars are 33.5” inseam (all sizes the same), and the short ones are 31.5”. But with a tape, I get about 32.5” on the regulars and 30.5 on the short ones. Most people should be able to choose an inseam to work (except very long legged folks). If you are in between inseams, I’d recommend going longer to help cover your leg down to the boot when sitting.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

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Our Two Cents

I really like these new Joe Rocket jeans. If you take the “View Larger Images” link above you can see a pair of 30 regulars on Brandon. He normally wears a 30 and they look great. I normally wear a 36 and I have a bit of a gut and I also found a good fit. One of the reasons I like these jeans is that they look a bit motorcycle specific, and they have the protection features, but the fit is easy and they are comfortable… on small guys and larger guys.

The protection setup in these jeans is much like most others. There is a panel of abrasion resistant DuPont® Kevlar® all across the seat and also behind the knees. Those abrasion resistant materials are kind of scratchy, so those are covered in a soft cotton cloth for comfort against your skin. You can add armor to the knees if you like. I tried the standard CE armor from Joe Rocket and it works fine. You could also opt for just about any of the other knee armor choices we have as well as there is nothing tricky about the fit.

There are stretch panels above the knees and also below the waist and those both really work well. Fight plumber’s butt! But seriously those do work well and make the jeans more comfortable when sitting on a bike. A couple other things I like: the button closure at the waist is more sturdy than most and should last a long time without issue, the pockets are deep and you get a couple zip-close pockets in front for the stuff that might try to slip out of a regular slash pocket or patch pocket.

These pants are a winner because of the easy/normal fit, the nice features like the optional armor pocket and zip-close storage pockets and then the overall price for the entire package makes these a good value! :: Paul, 12-18-14

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Marck A.
Location: California

Follow-up: Had the local tailor add additional belt loops on both sides of the rear, center belt loop, each about 4 inches away. Much better fitment with the belt no longer rising above the top edge of the pants. Study belt loops sourced from a th... (Read more...)