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Icon 1000 Akromont Pants (32 Only)

  • Cordura® denim and reinforeced Kevlar® knees are exceptionally rugged without compromising on comfort and style
  • Iinternal Kevlar® knee adds reinforcement and helps provide improved tear and abrasion resistance
  • Adjustable 3 position pocket with removable D3O® impact knee protectors for a higher level of defense, delivering the most flexible and discreet protection on the market

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Sizing Information

I measured a sampling of these pants and found the waist sizes to measure out right about 1” larger than the stated size. Most “vanity sized” jeans these days will measure out about 2” larger than the stated size, so that means these pants will fit just a touch more snug than most store-bought fashions jeans. My advice would be to measure your waist (just under your belly button) and choose a size based on the measurement. The waistband is not adjustable but the pants have belt loops so you can wear a belt if necessary to fine tune the fit. The inseam lengths listed below are the lengths I measured.

The inseam on the pants measured out to about 34” across the size range… maybe 33” in the smaller sizes. The pants have knee armor and there are three positions that the knee armor installs to give you sort of a “high-med-low” adjustability up and down.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These Icon 1000 Akromont pants are just the thing if you are looking for a relaxed cut riding jeans with a simple style and good protections capabilities.

The jean material is a sturdy Cordura/denim blend that should be significantly more abrasion resistant than plain denim. Out of the package, the jeans look like unwashed levis with a uniform dark wash, and the stitching is gold.

These pants have knee armor inserts by D3O which is Icon’s “go to” brand of armor. The armor is ideal for pants like this since it is soft and flexible and comfortable. The armor slips in a zip close pocket from the front. That pocket has two fabric divisions in it. You an slip the armor into anyone of the three pockets. Each pocket is at a slightly different height, so you’ll be able to adjust the armor position for your own height easily and without taking the pants off. I think that is a terrific feature. The inseam will be long enough for most and if they are a bit long, you could either hem them or just roll them up and bit.

Overall, I really like the sturdy construction and simple design of these jeans. The overall “heft” of the construction gives me confidence in them. :: Paul, 05-01-18

Icon says: The chance of survival is bleak out in the borderland. To persevere you need three things: a good pair of jeans, a bomber bike, and all the guzz’olene you can haul. The Akromont can fulfill the former. Superior build quality, Kevlar® reinforcements, D3O® knee impact protectors and a heavy-duty Cordura® denim chassis prepare these riding denims for damnation alley and beyond. Securing the petrol is up to you.