Alpinestars Victory Denim Pants ::

Alpinestars Victory Denim Pants

  • CE-certified to CE Category II, PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
  • Regular fit constructed with a mono-layer stretch denim with Kevlar.
  • * Curved outer seam and engineered darts to improve comfort when riding. Triple stitched seams for durability and strength.
  • Comfort crotch panel.
  • Secure zip closure pocket.
  • Stitched rivets.
  • Asymmetric back pockets for easy access and to keep contents on outer part of seam.
  • Bio-Flex knee and hip armor allows high levels of movement and has a slim design to ensure the protector is discreet off the bike.
  • Reflective turn up hem.

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they are much like other jeans you’d buy these days. They are just a bit “vanity” sized in the waist and pretty true in the length. Across the size run, the actual measured waist was about 2” larger than the stated waist size (typical vanity sizing). So my primary advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit.

If you aren’t sure whether your jeans are vanity sized like I’m describing, then either measure your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure your favorite pair of jeans to verify. You’ll probably find that you measure out a bit bigger than your normal jeans size and also the waist of your favorite jeans measures out an inch or two bigger than their stated size. If so, you will be on track following my advice. The denim used in these pants has a good deal of stretch to them, so if you are sometimes between sizes, I’d advise you to buy the smaller.

The inseam length is right about 33” inseam in the mid-size ranges. The smaller jeans measure just a touch shorter at around 32” and the biggest waist sizes are about 34”. These are slim fit jeans with a relatively low waist. The legs are slim enough to hold the armor in place well without being very snug. The ends of the jeans are tapered. If you are concerned about how big the leg end opening is, you can measure jeans you have and compare. These jeans measure about 6 1/2” across when laid flat in the smaller size ranges and about 7” across in the larger size jeans.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Note: We’ve notice just this season (2019), Alpinestars jeans run more “normal” than in past years (good news!). Previously, we found almost all Alpinestars jeans ran small, but these jeans run comparably with other riding jeans and normal jeans. So if own Alpinestars jeans from past years, you may find these jeans to fit larger, size for size.

Our Two Cents

Alpinestars has a new line of denim riding jeans for 2019. This Victory Denim pant is their higher end pant with integrated Kevlar abrasion resistance and hip and knee armor as standard.

I just reviewed the Copper 2 and Merc pants from Alpinestars which are also new for 2019. Those two pant styles have layers of Kevlar fabric added to the inside of the pants in the seat and knee. This Victory pant is made with denim that is already infused with Kelvar all over to improve its crash protection. The advantage? With the extra layer of Kevlar, the pants are slightly thinner in the knee and seat areas so when you sit on the bike, the pants bend and shape over your knee more easily, and more like regular pants. And since these pants have the Kevlar infused fabric, you get the improved abrasion resistance all over the jean rather than just in the seat and knees. The only downside I can detect here is that the denim in these jeans is a 2-way stretch where the denim in the Merc and Copper 2 is a 4 way stretch. In this jean, they stretch from top to bottom quite readily, but not at all side to side (around your legs and butt).

The Victory pants are fitted with both hip and knee Bio-Flex armor as standard. Bio-Flex armor is thin and highly flexible and this style of armor has become the choice among the premium brands who offer jeans (also used in many riding shirts). For example, REVIT has their very similar Seesmart line and Dainese has Pro-Shape. I really like this style of armor because it shapes around your knee well and works well under slimmer cut jeans.

As I mentioned, the overall fit of these jeans is slim and they have a relatively short waist, which is currently the most popular cut of jeans. The overall style and pocket layout is pretty standard except this jean has one additional zippered pocket above the left hand pocket. It’s pretty small… about the size of a credit card, so maybe you put your ID and a card in there for safekeeping? The waist closure is with a button with a zip fly.

I really like the overall fit, materials, and cut of all the Alpinestars jeans styles. With a blindfold on, I don’t think I would be able to discern a difference in fit. As I mentioned in the sizing advice, Alpinestar’s sizing has been “off” from the American market for many years and I’m pleased these new jeans are well aligned with US sizing. :: Paul, 12-10-19

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