AGV Sport Corsica Kevlar® Jeans ::

AGV Sport Corsica Kevlar® Jeans (SOLD OUT)

  • Designed for any climate
  • Real DuPont™ Kevlar® coverage in the hips and sides of your legs, your knees and upper shins and throughout the seat and upper hamstrings
  • Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection
  • The Corsica features a tighter, more tailored fit (think Levis 505) and is great for riding motorcycles and is ideal for just hanging out when you’re off the bike
  • Two front pockets and a small change pocket
  • Two rear pockets
  • Button up fly (jeans may have buttons or zip fly… running change)
  • Made with the highest quality 12.5oz denim, with a “distressed” look
  • Perfect to wear over your boots
  • Machine wash and dry

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

I measured a random selection of these jeans and found them to be accurate to the size stated. Lots of jeans these days are “vanity sized”, meaning they are bigger than what they say they are, but these jeans are not vanity sized. If you think you might own vanity sized pants, you can check your waist with a tape, or alternately measure the waist of your favorite jeans. Do this by laying the jeans flat on a table with the waist buttoned, measure from waist band to waist band (give them a slight tug to stretch them taut), and then double whatever you get. For example, you measure 18” across the waist… those pants are true to size for a 36” pant.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These Corsica jeans by AGV Sport are “normal”, and I like that. By normal, I mean they look and fit like normal jeans. They aren’t too baggy, but they aren’t skinny either. And they don’t have styling queues that say, “I’m riding a bike” either. Take the “View Larger Images” link above and you can see the factory image and also some pics of me in the jeans. I’ve also got some good “inside out” pics to show you where the Kevlar reinforcements are in the pants. All those reinforcements are covered in a nice nylon lining for comfort (Kevlar is otherwise sort of a rough fabric). Overall, I really like these new jeans and I bet you will too. :: Paul, 02-12-14

Update: I’m told AGV switched to a fly zipper and so the distributor’s inventory is now mixed. You might get a button fly or you might get a zip fly. Unfortunately the distributor’s warehouse is unwilling to pick orders based on a customer’s preference, so you have to be OK with either when you order these jeans. If we happen to have a pair of the size/color you want in our own stock, we’ll be glad to let you know what it is… please inquire by email. PT, 03-17-15

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Stein Robert S.
Location: NJ & Norway

Just received these today. Ordered two pairs of kevlar-reinforced jeans; one pair of AGV Malibu Rust, the other a pair of AGV Corsica Blue. Both pairs are true to description and seem very sturdy, yet pliable and comfortable. Both pairs are... (Read more...)