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Klim Deluxe Suspenders

  • Ride more comfortably with suspenders
  • Velcro and/or clips attach to suspender loops on Klim pants (some model pants don’t have the suspender loops but the clips will attach to the waistband)
  • Straps are adjustable

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I love suspenders! Suspenders can make a real difference in your riding comfort. Most protective pants are relatively heavy because of the the materials used and the armor included. And most protective pants are a higher waisted design than ordinary jeans. The combination makes it hard to keep them up on your body unless the waistband is adjusted snug. But who wants to sit for a long time with snug waist pants? I sure don’t. Suspenders to the rescue!

Klim makes two versions…

The standard suspenders (take the link below to buy those) don’t have the grippers but rather they have loops to engage the loops that are inside the waist of most Klim pants.

The Deluxe Suspenders (sold here) have clips to attach to any waistband. They have nice wide plastic grippers to hang on, but not to damage the pants.

Get the standard suspenders if you have Klim pants with those special loops and don’t anticipate using your suspenders elsewhere. Get the Deluxe Suspenders to use on any pants!

The suspenders are well made and highly adjustable. The straps are stretchy for comfort. :: Paul, 04-14-17

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