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Cortech The Primary Riding Jeans (SOLD OUT)

  • Single-layer design for increased comfort and maximum protection.
  • Fabric made with 13.5oz cotton, Cordura® Nylon, and DuPont™ Kevlar® blend fabric eliminates the need for added liners.
  • 150% – 350% more tensile strength than standard cotton denim.
  • 125% – 200% higher tear strength than standard cotton denim.
  • Estimated 500% increased abrasion resistance than standard cotton denim.
  • Assembled using high strength 3-ply tec-75 nylon thread.
  • Triple over-lock safety stitched critical seams and added internal safety stitching.
  • Relaxed fit seat and thigh, straight-cut legs, and mid-rise waist for comfort.
  • Western style 6-pocket design.
  • Button closure and YKK® zipper.
  • Internal pockets designed to fit optional SAS-TEC® knee and hip armor (armor available separately, see related products below)
  • Hidden 3MTM Scotchlite® reflective tab on bottom hem for increased low-light visibility
  • Adjustable knee armor for a custom fit (6+ inches of vertical adjustment in the knee armor)

Note: The SAS-TEC Knee Armor With Velcro is now sold out and no longer available so we recommend the Klim D3O LP Elbow/Knee H&L Armor for these pants

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of these pants and found the waist size of the pants to measure out consistently at about 3” or 4” larger than the stated size. Most men’s jeans will be “vanity” sized by about 2” meaning the measured waist is about 2” larger than the stated size. With these jeans running larger than that, by an inch or two, I’m recommending you buy one size smaller than you normally wear.

If you want to double check sizing, you can measure your waist and/or measure the waist band of your favorite jeans. And then choose a size knowing the waist on these pants measures about 3” to 4” larger than stated size.

The inseam on these jeans measures out at about 32” or slightly longer. As of this writing, 32” is the only inseam offered. Perhaps in the future, there will be longer/shorter inseams offered.

I’d characterize the overall fit of these jeans as “standard cut”. They aren’t slim fit jeans, but they aren’t full cut jeans either… just somewhere in between. The end of the leg should probably work OK over boots. To give you an idea, I measured the opening at the end of the leg at 8” across (laid flat). You can compare that measurement to your own jeans that fit over your boots.

Need help measuring? Get it here..

Our Two Cents

Cortech’s “The Primary” are their upscale jeans made with denim fabric infused with Kevlar fibers to increase the jean’s abrasion resistance. These jeans are set up to accommodate optional knee and hip armor.

Some riding jeans are made with regular ‘ole cotton denim and include a separate liner of Kevlar material, generally in the seat and knees, to improve the abrasion resistance of the whole package. The Kevlar liner is at least as thick as the denim which makes the jeans a bit more bulky than jeans without a liner. But these Primary jeans take a different approach… they are made with an “all in one” denim fabric which is knitted with the Kevlar fibers into the cotton material itself. And the fabric is knitted in such a way that the denim material shows from the outside, but when you look at the jeans inside-out, you can see the infused Kevlar fiber which has a yellow color. This all-in-one approach offers a more tailored fit with less thickness for comparable abrasion resistance. We sell MANY brands/types of both versions and this construction is considered to be a premium riding jean (hence the higher price as compared to standard denim/Kevlar lined jeans).

The Primary pants have pockets in the hip area so the hip armor inserts just slip into the pockets. The knee armor pocket is a bit more complex because it allows you to adjust the height of the armor in the pant. The knee armor pockets have strips of Velcro that engage the armor which is fitted with the mating Velcro. Take the link below to buy the armor. Be sure to select the “Knee Armor With Velcro” when selecting the knee armor (there are two types that will fit knees/elbows in Cortech apparel). UPDATE: The SAS-TEC Knee Armor With Velcro is now sold out and no longer available so we recommend the Klim D3O LP Elbow/Knee H&L Armor for these pants

I notice reflective strips sewn into the rear/inside of the hem. The idea is that you’d roll up your jeans about an inch for night time use so the reflective strip shows from behind you on the bike. In the day, you can just roll them down like regular pants and the strip won’t show. I like the overall fit and finish of these jeans. I haven’t washed them of course, but just feeling the fabric, I think they’ll be a bit less wrinkled and have a more tailored look than standard jeans. The dark finish looks nice. I also like how they fit… not skinny, but tailored enough for a nice look. :: Paul, 03-20-19

Cortech says: These aren’t your regular denim jeans. Sure, they look like regular jeans on the outside but using a new fabric we have created a pair of riding jeans that do not need bulky liners to keep you protected and offer you more protection and comfort than you were expecting.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Brian J.
Location: Ohio

Here are the Cortech Primary Jeans with The Cortech Fastback Gloves (Bordeaux). I ordered the jeans in size 34. For reference, I am 5'10", 185lbs, 43 inch chest and a 34 inch jeans waist. The jeans fit comfortably, but I will definitely need to... (Read more...)

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