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Spidi Mesh Leg Pants

Technical features:
  • High abrasion resistant elastic mesh
  • Polyamide outer fabric on sides and back
  • Full-length side zips
  • EN 1621-1 certified protectors on the hips and knees, height adjustable
  • Velcro adjustment on hips
  • 1 back pocket
  • Polyester fabric pants highly abrasion resistant
  • Certified CE protectors on hips and knees
  • Height adjustable knees protectors
  • Full side zipper
  • Stretch inserts on waist for a precise fit
  • Velcro adjustments on leg bottoms
  • Back pocket
  • Reflex inserts

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Sizing Information

We measured a limited number of pants of this model and compared our measurements against Spidi’s official sizing advice. The pants we have were just a bit smaller in the waist and longer in the inseam than the official sizing advice, so we developed our own fit chart you can use to choose a size.

This pants will mostly likely be used over street clothes since it is designed with long leg zipper to allow you to take them on/off like chaps. I’d recommend you measure yourself around your jeans/pant waist line to get a max waist measurement and then also measure the inseam of your favorite pants that are long enough for you when riding. Use those measurements to choose a size pant in this product using the chart below.

This pant has side Velcro adjustment straps to allow you to snug down the waist approximately 3” tighter. When in doubt, choose larger and make use of the adjustment straps since it doesn’t work the other way around.

Size Max Waist Inseam
Small 32 33
Med 34 33.5
Large 36 34
XL 38 34.5
XXL 40 34.5
XXXL 43 35

As a reference, here is a link to the “official” Spidi pants size chart.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Spidi Mesh Leg pant is a full mesh pant made to be worn over your street clothes to give crash protection and maximum air flow for use in hot weather months. Armor is included for both hips and knees.

The idea with this Mesh Leg pant is similar to several other models of mesh overpant we sell, and that is to give you some measure of abrasion resistant material over your street clothes along with impact protection for your hips and knees. The design of these pants is “different” than most others though. There is a full length zipper which goes from the right front waist area all the way down your right leg to the end of the cuff. This zipper opens the leg like a chap, but also serves as the closure of the waist. There is no conventional closure of the waist in the front center. And then there is another zip on the left leg that goes most of the way up. So the end result is the same… you can open both zips fully and step into these pants like chaps, over your street clothes, without having to disrobe. Not having a convention closure at the waist and a conventional fly is kind of a drawback IMHO. If you had those two things, you could hang the pants around your waist first and then secure the side leg zippers, like chaps, which is easy to do, but not with these. You kinda have to hold the waist up while you wrestle with the zipper to do the same job. Also, if you have to visit the men’s room, you’ll be taking this pant completely off to get’r done since both long size zippers open from the bottom up.

One thing I do like, and that I’ve not seen before is the adjuster strap above the knee which can be used to position the knee armor in a comfortable spot when sitting on your bike. Granted, to do this with most pants is a one-time trial and error procedure, but having it right on the front of the leg works well and it is just too obvious for anything else to have thought of before. I like it.

The armor in the knees and hips is nice stuff. It’s the usual molded firm rubber compound type, so there is nothing else to buy to use these pants. With all the fancy zippers going up each leg, I guess you don’t get front pockets, which seems a shame, but you do get one rear patch pocket. So overall, I find these pants “interesting”, but I don’t think they’ve found anything revolutionary in pant design here. Personally, I’d buy a conventional pant. :: Paul, 08-29-19

Spidi says: Mesh Leg is a practical garment that can be used both above casual pants, thanks to two long zips on the sides, as well as a motorcycle pant itself, featuring good ventilation and protectiveness.