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Oxford Toledo Air Pants (XL & XLT Only)

  • Sporty pants designed for warm weather riding
  • When it is warm, cooling is delivered through large mesh outer front panels
  • Comfort is assured by stretch panels (knee and waist) and grip panels in the seat
  • Large adjustment panel on lower leg to facilitate different boot styles
  • Reflective detailing for improved visibility at night
  • Available in three leg lengths
  • The connecting zip is compatible with all Oxford jackets

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these pants and found the waist size to measure out significantly larger than Oxford’s sizing chart.. I found the waist with the side adjusters fully open to measure out about 5” larger than the sizes listed under “natural waist” listing in chart. So here’s my advice: Measure your waist just under the navel and subtract 4” from what you measure, then use the chart to choose the pant size. If you do that, you’ll be selecting a pant that is one or two sizes smaller than you normally wear in men’s clothing. If the pants are a bit on the big side, you’ll be able to reduce the waist with the side adjusters.

These pants are sold in three inseam lengths. The short is 30”, the standard pant is 32’ and the tall pant is 34”. I’d suggest choosing the length based upon what you buy in normal jeans. When in doubt on the inseam, I’d suggest the longer since pants tend to ride up on your legs in the riding position. The knee armor in these pants is highly adjustable with Velcro so you’ll be able to put it into a position that hits your knee properly.

The leg ends are quite large much like other “adventure” riding pants. I measured about 9” across the pant leg when laid flat. The leg can be opened larger with the vertical zipper and can be snugged down with the Velcro tab the bottom of the zipper so there is a LOT of adjustment as to how they’ll fit with your boots or shoes. Whatever you wear shouldn’t be a problem with these pants.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Oxford’s Toledo Air pants are a all-purpose mostly-mesh pant for summer time use. They come with knee armor; hip armor is optional.

A good deal of the shell of this pant is mesh. The pants are lined with a comfortable nylon mesh material, so air will blow right through them. They’ll work great in hot summer temps. They won’t be so good in cool/cold weather though since there is no thermal liner option or any sort of wind-break liner. These pants are full A/C! The fit is on the baggy side similar to pants aimed at adventure riding, but they’ll certainly work for other types of riding just as long as you don’t expect anything close to a trim fit.

One thing I like about most Oxford pants is the knee armor setup. There’s nothing special about the knee armor piece… it’s just garden variety molded rubber. But it is fixed in position with Velcro strips that engage with mating strips on the fabric behind the knee so there is a wide rage of adjustability up and down and even side-to-side to some degree. There are hip pockets so you can add inserts for hips if you like. The pants come with soft foam pieces in those hip pockets. It’s just filler material… it’s not armor, so please don’t get angry when you see it!

The waist closes with a sturdy hook and snap setup, so they’ll stay closed under pressure. The sides of the waist have Velcro tabs to use to adjust the pants, and in back, there is a short rear zipper that would be compatible with Oxford jackets. The ends of the pant cuffs are adjustable for size. First there is a gusseted zipper which could be left open to make the pant legs quite wide… easily big enough for even adventure boots. But if you want the pant ends smaller, there is also a Velcro tab to snug then down.

I really like the functionality of these pants and also the very low price. I wish the sizing weren’t “off” like it is. Be sure and look over our sizing advice before ordering. :: Paul, 08-02-19

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