FirstGear Panamint Pants ::

FirstGear Panamint Pants

  • Touring, sport, standard and commuter riding
  • Poly mesh main construction
  • Zip-off pant sleeves
  • Knee and saddle abrasion-resistant impact panels
  • Secure fly closure
  • Waist side adjusters
  • 2x zippered hand pockets
  • 2x cargo pockets with dustproof flap closures
  • Jacket conjunction zipper
  • Cuff gussets with hook-and-loop adjusters for a snug over the boots fit
  • Removable, CE-approved Level 1 Knox Micro-Lock armor at the knees and hips

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Sizing Information

We measured the waist and inseam for a variety of sizes and we found the sizing to be comparable to standard men’s pants or jeans. The measured waist of the pants is about 1” to 2” larger than the stated size (called vanity sizing). Most people can find a fit by choosing the size they normally wear in men’s jeans.

How to choose a size by measuring: Measure your own waist OVER the clothes you plan to wear under this overpant. These pants are higher waisted than some jeans and pants that sit lower on your hips, so when you measure, do so just below the navel. Choose the size pant based on the measurement you took knowing the pant measures out about one inch bigger than the stated size. The waist band of these pants is adjustable with the side Velcro tabs, so if you choose a size that is large enough you can snug them down to fit.

Pant Size Regular
30 31.5 - -
32 31.5 - -
34 32 30 34
36 32 30 34
38 32 30 34
40 32 30 35
42 33 30 35
44 33 - -
46 33 - -
48 33 - -

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Our Two Cents

FirstGear Panamint pants are a full mesh riding pant with armor in the knees and elbows. The pant legs have zippers above the knee to make them into shorts.

For those like me who wondered what the name Pamamint means, here’s a clip from Wikipedia: Panamint City is a ghost town in the Panamint Range, near Death Valley, in Inyo County, California, US. It is also known by the official Board of Geographic Names as Panamint. Panamint was a boom town founded after silver and copper were found there in 1872. Wonder no more!

These pants have the relatively unique feature of being able to zip the legs off just above the knees. I’ve often scratched my head when contemplating motorcycle pants where the legs zip off (likewise jackets where the sleeves zip off). When you remove the pant legs, you lose the armor so about 80% of the protective capabilities of the pants goes with the legs, so I wouldn’t recommend removing those legs when you ride. But I can see where zipping the legs off might come in handy for those who are touring through hot weather environments and who want some relief from the heat when they stop.

With the legs attached, these pants function well in hot weather, much like FirstGear’s other mesh pants. Most of the front surface area of the pant is a full mesh material which will allow air to flow right through. Solid textile materials are used over the knee/shin area and on the sides of the hips. Parts of the back of the pants are also mesh, but the full butt and thigh area is also the more abrasion resistant solid textile.

Two big patch pockets on the thighs can hold a good deal of cargo and there are also zippered pockets up top in front. As I mentioned in the sizing advice, the waist is adjustable with Velcro tabs and likewise, the cuff at the end of the leg can be adjusted around your boot.

Both knee and hip armor inserts are included. The armor is Knox brand which is a well respected brand. It’s a garden variety soft rubber energy absorbing kind which is rated CE 1. It is very flexible and should be comfortable to wear. One nit to pick is the lack of height adjustability of the knee armor. Most pants have some sort of adjustment feature but these don’t.

I think you’ll enjoy this pant in hot weather and they’ll work for a variety of riders. Overall, a nice pant. :: Paul, 10-14-19

FirstGear says: If rain is a distant memory and a cool breeze a futile wish, gear up in the Panamint pant from Firstgear®. The poly mesh main construction features knee and saddle abrasion-resistant impact panels and CE-approved Level 1 Knox Micro-Lock armor at the knees and hips to keep you protected.