Alpinestars A-10 Air v2 Pants ::

Alpinestars A-10 Air v2 Pants

  • Multi-fabric polyester shell construction for lightweight performance and durability
  • Main shell incorporates mesh panels on legs for cooling performance
  • Four-way stretch panel on crotch and back bottom leg
  • Long lower leg opening to fit inside or over riding boots
  • 2 zipped hand pockets with hidden zippers
  • Reflective prints on front and side of the pant for better rider visibility
  • Hook and loop strap on waist adjuster for improved fit
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding jacket
  • Microfiber comfort edge on waist
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Hip pad compartments with PE comfort padding (Alpinestars level 1 CE certified Nucleon hip sold separately)
  • Level 1 CE-certified GP-R Protector
  • CE 89/686/EEC

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Sizing Information

These pants are sold in US Alpha sizes and Alpinestars offers a chart to estimate the waist size for each size. The conversion estimates are about what you’d expect for each US alpha size, and measurements of each size pretty accurately match Alpinestars published sizing chart.

To help you get the right size, we’ve condensed Alpinestars rather complicated chart to something more easily readable. Please note that we are listing a waist size range for each pant because the pants have adjustment tabs on the waist that allow you to snug them down if needed (but they don’t get bigger). Choose a size based on the measurement of your waist.

Note about inseam: As you can see from the chart, the inseam on these pants are shorter than regular pants. The intention is that you’ll be wearing these pants tucked inside sport or race boot and so the pant should only reach to about your ankles or even a bit higher. Alpinestars talks about an expansion zipper to allow you to wear these OVER boots, but unless you have a pretty short inseam, they’ll be too short in that configuration.

Alpha Size Alpinestars Waist
Size Estimate
Measured Inseam
Small 30 to 31.5 28.5
Medium 31.5 to 33 28.5
Large 33 to 34.5 29
XL 36 to 38 30
XXL 39-41 31
XXXL 41 to 42.5 31
XXXXL 44-45.5 31

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Our Two Cents

Alpinestars A-10 Air v2 Pants are made for sport riders who want to pair an Alpinestars mesh jacket (or part mesh jacket) to a sport pant for use in mild to warm weather. These pants have great protection features in a pant that will be comfortable in the summer.

Take a look at the photos and you’ll see that the front thigh area has breathable mesh material incorporated to allow air flow for warmer weather. The panel that lets air through is the one just outside of the reflective boomerang shaped strip. The area around the fly, crotch and above the knees are solid textile materials. then on the lower outside leg is the same flow through material… again the panel outside of the reflective piece. So overall, I’d say about 30% of this pant will easily flow through air. And since those areas are on the front of the pant they’ll be exposed to direct wind blast and move a decent amount of air.

As I stated in my sizing advice, plan on wearing these pants tucked into sport boots. They are cut short in the inseam for this purpose. If you have a short inseam yourself, then you’ll be able to unzip the side leg zipper to expand the width of the leg and wear them over boots. The side zipper SOUNDS like a useful feature, but in the case of this pant, it is useful only for those with a relatively short inseam.

I really like the knee armor setup on this pant. Its something new for 2018. Its long and wide like armor you’d find in race pants, but its not as stiff. The back side is firm and its backed by a felt-like material and on the font is a firmer molded foam armor piece. The armor slips up the leg from the bottom hem through a zipper and into a pocket. The pocket has a Velcro holder so you can adjust the position of the armor a LOT. Both up and down and inside to outside. Its a pretty slick setup and will adapt to many different shapes and sizes of riders. Hip armor is optional. If you are interested in adding the hip pieces, take the link below.

I think those who have an Alpinestars summer sport jacket with a zip connector will be the primary target audience for these pants. And you’ll have to want to wear sport race boots, with the legs tucked in. Those with other brands of jackets could also wear these pants. You could either not use the connection zipper, or alternately, you could get a tailor to sew in the mating half of the zipper on the waist of the pants into your non-AS jacket (the mating zipper comes with the pants fortunately). :: Paul, 05-15-18

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