Tour Master Nomad Chaps ::

Tour Master Nomad Chaps

  • Constructed using top grain 0.9-1.0mm thick cowhide leather
  • Traditional front pronged buckle and adjustable rear lacing to fit a wide range of riders
  • YKK® 3/4-length side-entry zipper and four snap cuff for easy-on/easy-off
  • Antique silver hardware for a classic look
  • Fixed 3/4-length liner for reduced friction and added comfort
  • Inner thigh stretch panel for improved comfort and fit
  • Extended bottom hem that can be cut for a tailored fit

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Sizing Information

Thigh size is the main factor in picking a size of chaps. You should measure your thigh over the clothes you plan to wear under the chaps. Measure up high near the crotch which will generally give you the largest reading. Measure with the tape comfortably around your leg… not tight or loose. You’ll choose a chap size that is just big enough for your thigh.

The waist on these chaps is adjustable with the belt in front which has a wide adjustment range. The lacing on the back will also give a bit of size adjustment as well, so the waist can be adjusted to fit most anybody if the chap size is chosen correctly based on the thigh.

Inseam is a bit tricky in chaps since chaps don’t go all the way up to the crotch like jeans do, but we are offering an “approximate inseam” which you can use to compare to the inseam you usually buy in pants. I’m also offering an outside seam which is measured from the top of the belt to the end of the chap leg. You can use that to compare what you measure from the top of your belt to the floor (or sole of your boot). This length should be long enough for most people, and then the legs can be cut or hemmed to the ideal length. Before you hem, make sure to sit down to get the desired length while on a motorcycle. If the inseam sounds short for you, then these chaps probably aren’t the ones you need, and you should look for a chap that is available in a tall size.

Size Waist Range Max Thigh Approx Inseam Outside Seam
XS 28-34 22.5 32.5 41.5
Small 30-36 23.25 33 42
Medium 31-37 24 33 42.5
Large 33-38 24.75 33.5 43
XL 34-40 25.5 34 43.5
XXL 36-42 26.25 34 44
XXXL 37-43 27 34.5 44.5

Our Two Cents

It’s not often I get impressed with something new, but I really like these new Nomad chaps. The leather is smooth and soft and really feels great. So many black leather items these days use leather that is more stiff and “pebbly” (my own term). I remember back 15 to 20 years ago when very nice leathers were of this same soft leather, but over the years, I’ve not seen it much at all and certainly not in moderately priced leathers.

Anyway, I think you’ll be very pleased with these chaps. Aside from the leather and the nice build quality, they are much like other chaps, but there are a few things that are important. The legs are fully lined down to about the calf. The lining material is slippery nylon which works well in chaps so they don’t grab the fabric of your pants and bind or wad up. The bottom 10 inches or so is unlined so you can easily trim the length of the chaps with shears. For the same reason, the side zipper only goes part way down and then there are snaps. If it went all the way down, you wouldn’t be able to trim them.

Have a look at our photo gallery and you can see some of these features and more. I really think you’ll like these chaps, and these would be the ones I’d recommend as compared to the other two brands we have at present. :: 02-03-17

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