Black Brand Torque Chaps ::

Black Brand Torque Chaps

  • YKK® Zippers
  • Distressed leather styling
  • Heavy-duty buckle
  • Adjustable laces in back Catalog says there are laces but we’re not seeing them
  • Thigh-stretch panel
  • Inner liner for comfort
  • Purchase benefits our injured returning vets thanks to our partnership with Homes For Our Troops
  • Six-year warranty against manufacturers defects

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Sizing Information

The waist on these chaps is adjustable with the belt in front which has a wide adjustment range, so the waist can be adjusted to fit most anybody if the chap size is chosen correctly based on the thigh. For example, the waist belt on the size XL chap can be adjusted from 35” to 44”.

The most important measurement is the thigh. Measure your thigh up high near the crotch where it is the largest. Then use the chart to choose the smallest size that is bigger than your measurement. And measure yourself wearing the clothes you think you’ll be wearing with the chaps.

Size Max Thigh Measurement
Medium 22.5”
Large 23.5”
XL 25”
XXL 26.5”
XXXL 28”

Inseam is a bit tricky in chaps since chaps don’t have a crotch seam, but based on what I see, the inseam is about 321” for the smaller sizes, about 33” for the mid-sizes and 34” for the largest sizes. This length should be long enough for the “average” height person, and then the legs can be cut or hemmed to the ideal length. Before you hem, make sure to sit down to get the desired length while on a motorcycle. If the inseam sounds short for you, then these chaps probably aren’t the ones you need, and you should look for a chap that is available in a tall size.

Our Two Cents

Need a pair of great looking chaps? I’ve got ‘em! I’m looking at two variations introduced by Black Brand…. the Torque Chap and the Moto Chap. They are SO similar, I’ll tell you about both and then point out the differences, so you can decide which one is best for you.

These chaps are all leather with a very nice nylon mesh liner as the backing of the leather on the legs. The side zippers for the legs are heavy duty metal and extend part way down the legs. The last 8” of the legs close with a row of snaps. This zipper/snap arrangement makes it easy to trim the chaps to fit your leg length if you have to shorten them. If you look at the snaps, you see nifty little skull snap covers for a bit of style.

Both styles include stretch accordion leather at the top of the thigh. This is nice so that the chaps can expand a bit when you sit and the effective size of your thighs get a bit larger, but then the chaps still give a good fit when standing. And both styles have a zippered pocket.

The main difference in the two models is in the leather finish. The Moto Chaps are traditional black leather and the Torque chaps have a “vintage” finish on them. The edges where the leather is folded under are distressed on the Torque Chaps. It’s just a subtle thing, but I think it simulates age. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see the details up close.

Very nice chaps that just about any rider will like. :: Paul, 03-30-16

About the new Black Brand gear: This line of gear was introduced in 2016. The gear is moderately priced, and is very good overall quality. It comes from the same folks that produce River Road which is a line of cruiser gear that has been around for MANY years. We’ve carried River Road for at least 10 years and we like it. From what I can tell, the Black Brand is more or less a “re-branding” of that line. You can buy these products with confidence with regard to quality and service after the sale.