Tour Master Pivot Touring Jacket for Women ::

Tour Master Pivot Touring Jacket for Women (LG Only)

  • Constructed using highly abrasion resistant 600 denier Carbolex® 1680 denier ballistic fabric used in impact areas
  • “Zip-and-roll” chest intake and rear exhaust vents with hook and loop anchors
  • Hook and loop adjustable cuffs
  • Aqua-Barrier™ under-the-helmet hood (US Patents #8,156,573 and #7,779,485)
  • ESO™ zippers include a locking main zipper slider
  • Accordion stretch panels for increased mobility and comfort
  • Removable CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor with triple-density back protector
  • Removable Aquatherm™ two-stage waterproof and insulated quilted liner
  • Features front hand, internal map, internal pouch, and mobile media pockets
  • Color-coded snap attachments for waterproof and thermal liners ease liner installation

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit of this jacket and found it to run true to the sizing chart. For the fit test, Laverne and Shirley are standard size 6 and 12 respectively and they are wearing sizes Small and Large (please click through to view their chest/waist/hip measurements).

Below is the Tour Master chart provided for this product. All measurements are in inches and consider these to be “max” measurements as the jackets can be adjusted down to customize the fit:

Alpha Size Chest Waist Sleeve Length Hip
XS 32-34 28 24 35
Small 34-36 30 24.5 37
Medium 36-38 32 25 39
Large 38-40 34 25.5 41
XL 40-42 36 26 43
Plus Small 38-42 40 24.5 41
Plus Medium 42-46 42 25 43
Plus Large 46-50 44 25.5 45

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Product Video

Our Two Cents

Tour Master’s Pivot jacket is pretty darn neat. I’ve seen LOTS of permutations on the mythical “four season jacket”, one that will be comfortable in nearly all weather conditions, and so far, none are perfect. But, this one comes as close as any I’ve seen to date, and at the price point of $250 retail, that’s a pretty big accomplishment for Tour Master.

The main feature with the Pivot is in the “conversion” from a solid textile jacket to a part-mesh jacket. If you take a look at our close-up pictures you will see two panels on the chest and one in the rear that unzip and then fold down into a hidden compartment below to reveal mesh panels to allow a great deal of air flow. I’ve seen other designs with removable panels, but that setup gets complicated and it also requires you to keep up with said panels long term. I don’t know about you, but I’d be one to misplace those parts and pieces if more than a few weeks passes me by. In addition to the large mesh panels, there are also some quite large arm vents with Tour Master’s long-used scoop setup. Those should do a good job at shooting some air up the arms for you. (Side note: Some of you may remember the Vanson Avenger leather jacket that was introduced about 15 years ago… it was the first I saw with this triangular zip-down panel setup. What’s old is new again!).

The second part of this design which helps you navigate the non-hot summer days is the dual liner setup. Two removable liners are included which can be used on a mix/match basis. We found that the jacket works well with the thermal liner OR the rain liner or both. So, for example, in cooler and/or wet weather you can put in both liners. If it is just cool outside, try just the thermal liner. And if it is warm, but possibly wet, then install just the rain liner. After some experimentation, you’ll figure out what works best for you. I also see this jacket has a built in rain hood. You can wear the thin stretchy material over your head under the helmet and the bottom 3” or so of the hood is waterproof and will keep the water from getting down the neck of the jacket. It doesn’t go ALL the way around, but will cover the most exposed area around the sides and back.

The jacket comes equipped with removable CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a removable triple-density back protector. To account for the varying fit of the jacket with the liners installed or removed, the jacket comes with a good deal of adjustment. There are adjusters at the waist, sleeves, and cuffs which you can use to fine tune the fit. There is a rear connection zipper in the jacket for attachment to Tour Master pants. The zipper also comes with the mating half that can be sewn into the pants of your choice. Be sure and take the “View Larger Images” link above to see some good close-ups of this jacket and its features.

A couple other little niceties are the very robust zipper pulls which look a lot tougher than Tour Master’s zippers in years past and also I like the adjustable neck closure on the collar and also that you can pin it back if you don’t want to completely button up the jacket around your neck. Neat!

I really like this new Pivot for the clever way the climate control features are used. If you look through the Tour Master line, you’ll see a similar jacket, the Intake Air, which has the same liner setup, but has a full mesh jacket shell. If you ride mainly in warm to HOT weather that would be the choice, but for a wider range of temps, this one is a great choice. :: Paul, 02-08-17
Note: the closeup shots are of the men’s Pivot jacket. Except for the feminine cut, all the features are the same.