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Oxford Dakota 2.0 Pants For Women


  • A waterproof membrane throughout
  • Storm flap system on waist and leg closures
  • Comfort is assured by stretch panels (knee and waist) and grip panels in the seat
  • Large adjustment panel on lower leg to facilitate different boot styles
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Reflective detailing for improved visibility at night
  • Available in 3 leg lengths
  • The connecting zip is compatible with all Oxford jackets

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Sizing Information

We used a size 8 for our evaluation of fit on this pant. You can see in our photo gallery how these fit on our fit check mannequin Laverne which is a size 6 (they look a little big). For what it’s worth we found the waist size on this pant to be a bit larger than Oxford’s size chart indicates. The size chart says 25.5”, but the pant measures about 30”. Of course the pants are adjustable down in size with the side Velcro straps. Generally speaking, we are recommending you choose based on dress size and we also recommend you use Oxford’s standard sizing chart for reference.

You can choose from three different inseams, regular, short and tall. The size chart lists the regular at 32” inseam. The short will be 30” and the long will be 34”. The size 8 we used for our photos measured 30” as expected.

Our Two Cents

Oxford Dakota 2 pants for women are a full featured street pant with features for cold and/or wet weather use. Armor is included for the knees, and hip armor is available. A thermal removable liner is also included.

This pant has a solid textile shell with a permanent waterproof liner behind the shell. The waterproof liner should work well to keep you dry in wet weather. The permanent waterproof liner means that this pant won’t be a good choice for warm or hot weather though. I think these pants will work well for mild to cold weather and wet weather. Speaking of cold weather, these pants come with a removable thermal liner that covers the upper parts of the pants and extends down to just below the knees. Presumably you’ll be wearing boots, so having the thermal liner stop short is really a nice idea (most are full length is why I comment on it).

The pants come with a short rear zip connector to zip to Oxford jackets. Two handy hand-warmer pockets are located up top like jeans. Those two pockets close with zippers so your stuff will stay put. Night time reflective strips are included on the front, side and back of the pant for visibility when it is dark.

The waist closure hardware is heavy duty with a hook AND two snaps, all metal; knee armor is included at it has nice long Velcro strip to hold it in position and will adjust a long way up, down or even sideways to some extent; The textile materials in this pant feel nice and of top quality. Hip armor inserts are available by taking the link below. Those units install in fabric pockets just below the waist on each hip.

Overall, these are REALLY nice pant for the money. They should give you a lot of useful hours of touring or commuting. :: Paul, 08-21-19