Joe Rocket Heartbreaker 3.0 Jacket ::

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker 3.0 Jacket (Small Only)

  • Rock Tex™ 600 outer shell
  • C.E. approved armor at the shoulders & elbows (removable)
  • Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • Variable Flow™ ventilation system
  • Removable satin insulated vest liner
  • Expansion panels at the elbows and waist for added mobility
  • 10-point SureFit™ custom adjustment system
  • Elastic sleeve adjusters
  • 8” zipper for pant attachment
  • Reflective stripe on back & sleeves

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Sizing Information

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Our Two Cents

The Heartbreaker 3.0 jacket is for the female rider that wants protection and convenience features for a motorcyclist, but wants it with very feminine style. Joe Rocket has been making a Heartbreaker for a number of years and the overall theme hasn’t changed a lot, but there are upgrades and improvements here.

I handle a lot of jackets and one thing I’m liking about this jacket is the texture of the shell fabric. It’s good looking and it has a firm finish (as opposed to a soft feeling fabric). You might wonder why I would say that a firmer feel in the fabric is good and the reason is ease of keeping it clean. LOTS of black motorcycle jackets are made of a softer feel fabric and you literally have to pack a lint brush to keep them looking good, but a fabric like this will resist dust, lint, pet hair etc and you’ll find it very durable and easy to keep clean. Also, if you get bug spots on the jacket, they’ll wipe off easier.

This style has a little longer cut than a sport style jacket, but not a full 3/4 style like a touring jacket. Its length and trim waist looks good on women (so our office ladies say). There are some rear corset-style buckles on the lower back which can be used to tailor the fit over the hips (take the “View Larger Images” link above to see those). It comes with removable, CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows and also has a foam spine pad. For climate control, the jacket is equipped with two zip vents in front and two on the back. Please see our photo gallery for a shot of those. For cooler weather you can utilize the removable thermal vest-type liner that comes with the jacket.

The fit of the jacket is improved with a lot of adjustment not only for a trim look but to help keep the armor in the right positions. There are adjustments in the forearm and bicep areas and also some very effective “corset” style adjustment buckles in back. Expansion panels above the elbows and also in the back around the hips will give some flex while in a riding position.

This jacket is one of the few with all these protective features and practical construction, but with the feminine styling touches. If you like the style, I bet you will like the jacket. :: Paul, 12-18-14