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Bull-it Tactical Straight Fit Jeans For Women (8x31 Only)

  • Traditional 5 pocket jeans
  • Covec fibers offer cut and tear resistance
  • Covec fibers prevent heat transfer from road friction
  • 75KPH / 46.6MPH rated abrasion resistance
  • Leather belt patch
  • Genuine YKK locking front zipper
  • Knee and hip armor pockets for optional CE approved protectors (sold separately)

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

VERY IMPORTANT: These jeans are sold in women’s dress sizes, but these are UK dress sizes. For US dress size subtract 4. For example, a jean listed in the drop down menu as “8×31” is equivalent to a dress size 4 US with a 31 inseam.

Have a look at Bull-it’s size chart for women’s jeans for estimates of waist, hip, thigh, etc for each dress size.

Our Two Cents

Bull-it Tactical jeans are Bull-it’s “entry level” protective jean and look and feel like ordinary non-motorcycle-specific jeans. The price is right and the jeans are fitted with pockets for level 1 or 2 armor. A wide variety of sizes and fits are available.

The Tactical jeans are made of a single layer of denim that has been infused with abrasion resistant material. The brand name of the abrasive resistant fabric is Covec, which is used throughout the Bull-it line. The abrasive resistance of these jeans is “moderate”. The advantage to the Tactical jean is that the single layer feels very much like your regular jeans… they are thinner and lighter and they look just like the jeans you wear every day.

You can beef up the protection package of the Tactical jeans by adding armor units to the knees and/or hips. Two armor designs are available. Take the links below to view the options. The CE level 2 yellow units are soft and pliable and thicker. They are much like D3O armor we sell which is very popular in a number of brands. Bull-it’s Phantom armor is MUCH more flexible and significantly thinner. It is similar to REVIT’s SeeSmart or Dainese ProShape products. Since the women’s jeans are cut slim and are meant to fit very closely, I’d recommend the Phantom armor for hips and knees so the armor is less visible.

Note: Although Bull-it says their Phantom armor is rated CE level 2, I’m skeptical. Dainese’s and REVIT’s similar products are both rated level 1 and I just can’t imagine how the Phantom armor can absorb impact as well as the CE 2 product. I’d advise you to consider this as a CE 1 product.

The Tactical jean for women comes in two “fits”: Slim and Straight. Take the link below to choose/see the other fit.

Bull-it’s Tactical jeans are a good value for moderate protection and for jeans that will look and feel like your favorite jeans. :: Paul, 07-23-19

Bull-it says: Bullit Tactical jeans feature a reinforcing blend of denim and Covec fibers in a single layer of fabric. This fortified fusion enables Tactical denim to offer advanced cut, tear and heat transfer resistance while maintaining the feel of traditional casual jeans.

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