Alpinestars Stella Chrome Sport Hoodie ::

Alpinestars Stella Chrome Sport Hoodie

  • Design is anatomically profiled for an optimized female fit.
  • Knitted fabric main shell.
  • Interior aramidic reinforcement on shoulder elbow and back for enhanced.
  • One zippered hand pocket on front.
  • High collar for enhanced levels of comfort with removable hood.
  • CE-certified Bio-Lite protectors on shoulders and elbows.
  • Back compartment, CE-certified protector available as an accessory upgrade.
  • Waterproof inner pocket.

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Sizing Information

Please use Alpinestars sizing chart for women to choose a size that best matches up with your measurements. For reference we’ve used a size small on our fit check Mannequin Laverne who is a standard size 6/Small.

Our Two Cents

Alpinestars Chrome Sport Hoodie is a new take on the idea of wearing a hoodie on a bike. This jacket feels like a hoodie, but has significant protection features to help you in case of a fall.

We sell a lot of non-traditional jackets styles these days… overshirts and hoodies are the most popular. Most hoodie styles are a bit concerning for me because they almost always use a very stretchy cotton fabric like a hoodie you’d wear anywhere, and those fabrics aren’t styled snugly enough to hold the armor of a motorcycle in place well. But this jacket is a bit different. It looks and feel like a hoodie and is very comfortable, but the cut is a bit like a traditional street jacket so it works better with the armor system.

The fabric used in this jacket is polyester which is woven to feel like cotton and is by nature more durable than plain cotton. The areas of the back, shoulders and elbows are all reinforced with a layer of abrasion resistant material sewn to the back side of the shell.

Another adaptation Alpinestars has made to adopt the standard hoodie to this motorcycle jacket are the pockets. They look and feel like simple pouch pockets like you find on any hoodie, but inside is a zippered pocket too, so you can stash your stuff without losing it while riding. Inside, there is one breast pocket that is waterproof to keep your electronics and there is a wire pass-through for your speakers. The sleeve ends are a simple knitted cuff but they’ve added monkey loops to the ends so your sleeve won’t be yanked up over your elbows if you fall. The jacket has the hoodie of course, but it is removable too, so if you don’t want to wear it for whatever reason, just take it off.

Armor is included in this jacket for shoulders and elbows. It is Alpinestars standard molded Bio type which works well for a street jacket like this. A pocket built into the back area of this jacket accept a back protector. You actually have three back protector options… the KR-CELLi, KR-2i, the KR-1i. I’d recommend the KR-CELLi in a street jacket like this. It is light and flexible and fairly robust feeling.

The Chrome Sport Hoodie comes in both men’s and women’t sizes, so take the link below to view the other gender. Finally a hoodie design I can get behind! :: Paul, 09-26-19

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